blog or facebook or twitter or nothing?

Are scrapbooking blogs obsolete? With social networking like Facebook (FB) and Twitter at an all time high, do regular non-famous people have time to keep up their personal blogs? To me, Facebook satisfies the ADHD in me, a quick look in people's lives. I don't have to think too hard to post something. Blogging requires more thought and a little bit more coherency on my part. It probably wouldn't be so easy to post a drunken post on my blog, whereas Facebook almost dares you to post something outrageous.

Are people really always so happy on FB? Are their lives so perfect? You only see what people want you to see. Sometimes I want to vomit with all the happy, productive, loving posts that I see. Truly gag on my own sputum. Really? Do you not bloat once a month like me? Do you hate your thighs? Do you sometimes want to kill your husband for breathing? Yes to all three.

I suppose blogging fulfills the same purpose as FB and Twitter. You post only what you want to post. Happy, shiny people with no worries. Well, my blogging was never like that. Mine came out of my love of scrapbooking. Then it slowly became catharsis as I wrote about my infertility. Things sure weren't rosy all the time in this brown girl's household. Later, my posts became more and more general because of a change in my job. In short, I was censoring myself.

Well, after a hiatus (er, many hiatuses) I decided to continue my blogging for scrapbooking and to document some important things in our family. I have been looking at old posts and I am so glad that I documented so much about life. I have such a bad memory that I do not remember half the stuff I wrote about. Did I really do that? And did I actually write about it?! Am I nuts? Yes to all three.

So here I go with this new chapter in the blogging world. I won't be focusing so much on work, but I will be documenting my family and hopefully, more scrapbooking. Yes, I will still be on FB. I have to have an outlet for when I butt dial those fun, drunken posts. :)

hello? is this thing on?

Does anyone read this blog anymore? I guess I have not been very good at blogging lately. What's my excuse? It's been pretty busy in these parts lately. I am still a Nurse Manager. I have been contemplating what I have sacrificed in my life (creative and personal) to become a nurse leader. It's been pretty rough and I've had a few meltdowns. Lots of stress at work and no creative outlet. I miss scrapbooking and creating and participating in the scrapbook sites. I miss catching up on the newest scrappy trends and being part of such a wonderful community. Thank goodness for Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise, I would feel pretty isolated.

Truth is, I am selfish. I want it all. I was stagnant as a Charge Nurse and needed a change. I had been doing the job so long, it was no longer a challenge. When the Nurse Manager position came up, I thought about it long and hard and discussed it with my husband. I would work 5 days a week instead of 3 long nights and come home and still scrap. It's been 2.5 years and that has obviously not happened. I come home exhausted and wanting to only vegetate in front of the television. No energy or motivation to pick up paper and glue. Nothing to scrapbook. In wanting to advance my career, I sacrificed something I really truly loved- scrapbooking. Sounds strange to my non-scrappy friends, but all you scrappers know what I am talking about.

I don't utilize this blog as a venting tool anymore. For confidentiality's sake, I cannot blog about specific job duties or events. My life has been so much about work lately and I have a lot to say. I just can't publicly announce my feelings to the world. At least about work.

So. Maybe I need to make an effort to blog about other things. Like my crazy, brown family, my husband, my stepson. My family is as big and as nuts as ever. My nephew, Jared, is growing like a Sumo wrestler. My husband is as handsome as ever. My stepson almost failed Sunday School. Yep. Almost failed Sunday School. Who the hell does that? Well, the teenage boy who lives with us almost did. This is the year he was supposed to get confirmed as a Catholic. Confirmation is a big deal in our religion. He needed to attend 2 years of Confirmation classes and to complete 10 hours of community service. 10 hours. That's it. I did that in 2 weeks of extra-curricular activities in high school. He didn't feel like doing any of it. And we were not going to be forcing him to do anything. He needed to get the motivation on his own. He is almost 17 years old, after all. So we let him figure out what he needed to do to complete his hours in a few weeks. Otherwise, he was going to have to repeat this whole year. We didn't care if it was going to inconvenience us to have to take him every Sunday. Again. We were going to teach him a lesson. In the end, he finished his 10 hours of service. Grudgingly. Grrrr.

This teenage thing is harder than I thought. I always say it feels like I gave birth to a 14 year-old boy. He came to us at the age of 14 and it has been painful. Okay, it isn't torture all the time. But it is like pulling teeth to get him to think about something other than himself. My friends tell me this is normal. Is it normal to want to throttle him? Because I do. Most of the time. Especially when all he had to do to get confirmed is to sit through Sunday school, learn life lessons about God, and to have some motivation to complete community service. Is it a teenage thing? A boy thing? I don't ever remember doing that as a 16 year-old girl. Of course, I was a big nerd. Our child is too cool for school. Sigh. I guess I am a mother after all.

Leah  notecardsBesides wanting to kill my child, life has been good. Yes, my job is stressful, but I have one. I am trying to get some motivation to scrapbook today, but to no avail. I did complete note cards for my friend at work. This took me hours to complete. So simple, yet so difficult for me. What is wrong with me? I forgot to create. I hope it's not like riding a bike because I can't ride a bike. :P

Until next time...


don't sweat the small stuff.

I have always been in awe of the world of blogging, how it brings virtual strangers together, how the world is so big yet so small at the same time. I don't comment much on the blogs, but know that I am stalking you all just the same.

Today, I checked one of my most frequented blogs and found an update after many months of absence. I waited for a daily recap of her blog for a while now. Linda has always been funny, honest, and so talented in the world of scrapbooking. I thought it was such a shame she didn't share so much anymore. It turns out she had been sick. I don't know the nature of her illness, but she has since been in a coma, lost her feet, the tips of her fingers. Wow. Her story brought me to tears. She is now on her way to healing and rehabilitation. Her resilience inspires me. And today, I am once again reminded of how blessed we truly are. How the little things do not matter. How important family is. How much I love my husband.

This Valentine's Day holds a different meaning for me because of Linda's blog. My husband and I must be better at communicating how we feel about each other. We must not take each other for granted. We must love each other through it all, even though we might get frustrated at each other and want to kill each other for breathing. We must love each other unconditionally.

I will continue to follow her story...