when you wish upon a star...

Like a mother who keeps having kids because she forgets the pain of childbirth, hubby and I decided to take the kids to Disneyland this past weekend. :P Our Knott's Berry Farm trip was a nightmare. Two years later we lost our minds and tried another family trip Disneyland. It was better that time around if you appreciate urine soaked hotel lobbies and Cops. Round three: a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth because after all that, our sense of humor prevails. 

If the first hour of the trip was a sign of what was to come, we probably should have turned around and just called it a day. Hubby and his lead foot got us a speeding ticket. Don't know what irritated me more, thinking about the cost of the ticket or the police officer's hotpants. Ha!


Still we soldiered on. WIth a rented SUV (our poor six-footer child can no longer fit in my Jetta), a cooler filled with drinks, every salty and sweet snack WalMart could offer, iPods, DVD players, my blankie and my pillow, we made it to the Hyatt.


It was a beautiful hotel. Complete with a King Bed and bunk beds overlooking the hotel lobby (stalkers!) and the Disneyland sky (all the better to see the fireworks).
IMG_1365  IMG_1367

It gets harder and harder to get the kids to take photos anymore. I think they are too cool for school. :P This is why we make them carry around a Walgreens bag full of bottled water. Yes, we try to be green and cruel to the children at the same time. And yes, we put the bag in the picture. Ha ha. :)


Photo 1
As a whole, we had a fun time. I get a little bit of guilt at the cost of a family trip but I have to remind myself that we are worth it and that we don't get to do this type of thing all the time. Abigail is only here for 6 weeks and now we have memories: getting soaked on Grizzly Bear water ride, Soaring over California, Star Tours, Ariel, It's a Small World, chafing, chocolate brownie sundae room service, "Chedda Bannies," Mama Cozza's restaurant, shuttle rides, heat exhaustion, family naps, fast passes, Fantasyland overload, frozen chocolate bananas, fart jokes, etc.

Shall I dare say, we might do this again next year? OK, maybe in two years. :)



seattle times.

Hubby and I went on an overdue trip away from Las Vegas last month. We decided to choose a random city and went for it. We've never been on a honeymoon and we always seemed to plan trips around the kids and friends, never just for ourselves. It's about damn time.

We chose Seattle and loved every minute of it. We visited Pikes Market, saw a local band, visited Starbucks, experienced a Harbor Cruise, saw another side of Nirvana at Experience Music Project, ate fresh fried donuts, had a little nookie nookie, yada yada yada. In other words, we had a good time. We are definitely going back. Without the kids. :)

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IMG_1524 IMG_1534
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