stuffed full.


There's nothing like a stuffed Filofax to make this girl with OCD happy.  I use the bigger A5 size for work and the smaller personal size for home and personal organization.  These agendas are Filofax Metropols, which are my absolute favorite.  They're non-leather and durable enough to be dropped and dragged around meetings and in my purse. I am disappointed that there aren't a wide variety of colors for Metropols, but I enjoy the ones I have.

craft room update.

Hubby and I have slowly been completing projects in the craft room. He tore down the shelves he built to free up some wall space so he's been patching and painting the walls like there was never anything hanging there. :) Then he put up curtain rods so I can hang some scrapbook pages. I really wanted to display some of the pages I've completed to remind myself I need to start scapping again.


I've been wanting to make these tissue pom poms forever and finally found some pink, green, and blue colors. They were easy as pie!


Here they are hung up with clear fishing wire and Scotch tape. :)



as of this moment.

The craft room is not as organized as I would like yet, but it's showing some semblance of order. I cleared off most of the 4x6 table and I can actually craft now. Yahoo! The sewing closet is a mess. I am looking for a solution for all the felt I have but I also want to display it in a cute way. Any ideas for felt storage? I can't wait until it's all ready! :)

how pinteresting.

Picture 2

I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. According to the site, it's a place to catalog the things you love. And according to my boards, I love a lot of things. It's like all the vision boards in my head combined into one site. It's a visual smorgasborg of everything pretty and delicious and cute. My kind of site.

Let me know if you would like an invite. :)

magnet board.

Took time to organize all my brads and little doodads in magnetic canisters. They were stored in my Plano tackle box for a long time and the concept of keeping all those little embellishments in one place is good, but I never saw the stuff anymore. Out of sight, out of mind. I like that I can see them and that it makes me want to use them up again. :) Here they are on the wall next to the mounted stamps.


slowly getting there.

The mess that I call my craft room is slowly getting organized little by little. I wish I could spend my days organizing but alas work is getting in the way of my fun. :) Here is the room with all the crap on top of the island in the process of finding their permanent home. No one can tell but the island is 4' x 6'. Yes, that seems pretty huge for such a little room. We'll see...



These Jetmax storage cubes are my absolute favorite! Probably because I didn't put any of it together. Thank goodness I have 2 strapping bucks living at home with me (yes, I refer to hubby and stepson, not the poolboy or the butler). Ha. Yes, those letters spell "STUD." :)

Here is the other wall so far. The shelves and rails are from IKEA. I could totally use about 10 more of each, but I am trying not to be such a hoarder. :P I sent my sister home with bags full of srapbook cardstock and patterned paper. The old me would probably have some anxiety parting with so much stuff, but this new me is going to buy more paper. :) I'm still a little bit of a hoarder. Can't change that easily. I haven't had nearly the psychotherapy I need.


The room keeps changing with my mood, and as indecisive as I am, the room will keep changing. Stay tuned...