craft room update.

Hubby and I have slowly been completing projects in the craft room. He tore down the shelves he built to free up some wall space so he's been patching and painting the walls like there was never anything hanging there. :) Then he put up curtain rods so I can hang some scrapbook pages. I really wanted to display some of the pages I've completed to remind myself I need to start scapping again.


I've been wanting to make these tissue pom poms forever and finally found some pink, green, and blue colors. They were easy as pie!


Here they are hung up with clear fishing wire and Scotch tape. :)



project reorganization.

I have slowly been purging and reorganizing my scrap area. My room has looked the same for a while now and I needed a change. My hubby had built shelves desk to ceiling to utilize the space a little better, but I thought it would be fun to utilize the floor space and use the wall for decorative items.




Michael's had their scrapbook storage 40% off and had an additional 20% coupon. Score!


Hubby and Junior has been building these Jetmax storage cubes and I am sure they never want to see anymore of these suckers. Oh well. :) Hubby tore down the shelves from the walls on both sides of the room and I love how the cubes look 2 cubes high.


Here's the other side of the wall 3 cubes high. The Cropper Hopper paper holders fit perfectly in the cubes.


Here's what's inside some of the little drawers:

IMG_1839 IMG_1833

The die cut area, which was once a closet, has now been converted into a sewing area. Those Jetmax cubes are so wonderful. I can't believe I never used these before.


We have a long way to go since the work area will now be in the center island. But so far so good. :)