color therapy.

Color sparks my creativity. It lifts my soul and inspires my creative juices. I don't get to play with my collection of Copic markers every day because I have this pesky thing called a job. It certainly gets in the way of my crafty life but I am sure able to appreciate those creative times because they do not come often. I make sure to schedule those times now.  It makes this girl function better in her life. And it makes her not want to choke her dear husband in everyday life. Honey, if you are reading this- love you! :)


preparing for project life.

Project-life-logoI have been extremely slacking in the scrapbooking area and wanted to find a way to jumpstart my creativity as well as document my life. I hope to do this with Project Life by Becky Higgins. I took advantage of the Black Friday deal and purchased the Amber Edition, page protectors, and albums at I cannot wait to start this project. Last year was a blur and barely documented what happened with me, good or bad. I want to put down more memories on paper. I want to remember my life.

One thing that I struggle with is what to document. I don't have my own children and am finding it difficult to scrapbook my mundane life. I work a lot and struggle to find balance. I want to document about my relationship with my husband, my siblings, my parents. I want to document everyday boring chores like dishes and laundry. I want to create more. I want to document my faith, the importance of my church choir, the church community that I serve. I want to doument celebrations, parties, birthdays, anniversaries. I want to take more photos and not worry about what they look like. I will be using my iPhone camera more. I need to do more fun things and not be defined by my work. Project Life is one of those fun things. I hope. :)

How will I do this while working 40-50 hours a week?

  1. Take more photos and document when those photos were taken.
  2. Designate a spot on my craft table for Project Life.
  3. Keep all Project Life supplies together.
  4. Stalk blogs and Pinterest for ideas.
  5. Print photos straight from my iPhone.
  6. Blog more.


Are you currently participating in Project LIfe? Will you be continuing it in 2012?



how pinteresting.

Picture 2

I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. According to the site, it's a place to catalog the things you love. And according to my boards, I love a lot of things. It's like all the vision boards in my head combined into one site. It's a visual smorgasborg of everything pretty and delicious and cute. My kind of site.

Let me know if you would like an invite. :)

sew inspirational.

Look at all this eye candy! I can see a new obsession in the making!


1. re-ment crafting/sewing area, 2. House Tape Measure 34, 3. new sewing corner/novo canto da costura, 4. PHEW!, 5. Cupcake Pincushions, 6. Pink Cabinet - Drawers, 7. First Batch Finished..., 8. Porta linhas, 9. Pin Cushions, 10. work in progress, 11. Untitled, 12. owl softies31, 13. sewing kit, 14. Sewing Corner, 15. Cute sewing box, 16. sewing machine cover front, 17. level 1 - sewing table, 18. Work Room, 19. sewing room2, 20. The Perfect Sewing Room Ironing Board Cover, 21. Sewing Room revamp 4, 22. My sewing room, 23. My sewing room, 24. Craft room closet after photo, 25. Studio Tour, 26. My sewing room, 27. My New Work Area, 28. Untitled, 29. workarea, 30. my sewing station, 31. my sewing table feb 09, 32. new studio!, 33. my view, 34. the girls were feeling crafty ..., 35. No.350, 36. craftroom