black friday haul.

Usually, you couldn't pay me to go shopping on Black Friday. I had a traumatic experience years ago trying to purchase poinsettias at Joann's after working a 12-hour night shift. I told myself that I would never do that again. I would rather poke myself in the eye with a paper piercer. But I went with my mom and my sister and it actually wasn't too bad. There were tons of supplies and barely any shoppers. Score! Lots of deals and an extra 25% off coupon. Holy moly. I saved over $200! Take a look at the evidence. :)

IMG_2459 IMG_2461
IMG_2463 IMG_2465

today, i want to remember...

that it was a wonderful night last night and it has been a good day so far. :) I have a horrible short memory and can't really remember what I did the year before, but the blog has been a wonderful diary.

Last night, hubby and I went for a romantic dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib. It was just the two of us and we really needed the time together. Real life gets in the way of us remembering why we love each other. Busy lives, stressful work, but through it all, we know have each other.

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IMG_2100 IMG_2107

This morning, the boys and I went for a family brunch at the Wynn Buffet. We rarely go to fancy places together because it's just too expensive but we splurged. :) I think we deserve it.

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september celebrations.

Fall always marks the beginning of celebrations in our home. From anniversaries and birthdays, we are busy every weekend.

My sisters and I take time out of our busy schedules to get together. This time we went to McCormick and Schmicks to participate in Restaurant Week. Eating good food for a good cause. Portions of the proceeds help end hunger in Las Vegas.

312759_700399192478_23709227_35243356_560474584_n Sister date night

For our 7th anniversary, we had tickets to Phantom of the Opera and had dinner at Bouchon Bistro at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. It's so convenient living in Las Vegas. There are so many things to do and see and eat, all conveniently located in one place. :) Both the show and the food was fabulous!

Bouchon dinner Bouchon dessert

Today is my birthday! So we are planning on going to dinner tonight! :) Here's to September celebrations!

Bday cake


how pinteresting.

Picture 2

I am absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. According to the site, it's a place to catalog the things you love. And according to my boards, I love a lot of things. It's like all the vision boards in my head combined into one site. It's a visual smorgasborg of everything pretty and delicious and cute. My kind of site.

Let me know if you would like an invite. :)

blog or facebook or twitter or nothing?

Are scrapbooking blogs obsolete? With social networking like Facebook (FB) and Twitter at an all time high, do regular non-famous people have time to keep up their personal blogs? To me, Facebook satisfies the ADHD in me, a quick look in people's lives. I don't have to think too hard to post something. Blogging requires more thought and a little bit more coherency on my part. It probably wouldn't be so easy to post a drunken post on my blog, whereas Facebook almost dares you to post something outrageous.

Are people really always so happy on FB? Are their lives so perfect? You only see what people want you to see. Sometimes I want to vomit with all the happy, productive, loving posts that I see. Truly gag on my own sputum. Really? Do you not bloat once a month like me? Do you hate your thighs? Do you sometimes want to kill your husband for breathing? Yes to all three.

I suppose blogging fulfills the same purpose as FB and Twitter. You post only what you want to post. Happy, shiny people with no worries. Well, my blogging was never like that. Mine came out of my love of scrapbooking. Then it slowly became catharsis as I wrote about my infertility. Things sure weren't rosy all the time in this brown girl's household. Later, my posts became more and more general because of a change in my job. In short, I was censoring myself.

Well, after a hiatus (er, many hiatuses) I decided to continue my blogging for scrapbooking and to document some important things in our family. I have been looking at old posts and I am so glad that I documented so much about life. I have such a bad memory that I do not remember half the stuff I wrote about. Did I really do that? And did I actually write about it?! Am I nuts? Yes to all three.

So here I go with this new chapter in the blogging world. I won't be focusing so much on work, but I will be documenting my family and hopefully, more scrapbooking. Yes, I will still be on FB. I have to have an outlet for when I butt dial those fun, drunken posts. :)

just put me to sleep already.

I have been having some respiratory issues the past six months. In short, I am pretty much allergic to everything in Las Vegas. Why do I stay? I think I have a death wish. I had such a reprieve in Seattle because of the cool, humid weather. It was like living inside my humidifier. Yes, I have become a sexy old lady, complete with tissues, inhalers, and sometimes a spit bucket by my bed. I know my husband is turned on by the thought.

I'm on so many meds, I'm a pharmacy. I really thought they were working since I started breathing without feeling like someone wasn't sitting on my chest. But alas, I had to visit my allergy specialist again yesterday. Diagnosis? Sinus infection with coughing and sneezing and all kinds of other extra secretions. I know that sounds mighty appetizing. I really could be more descriptive. As a nurse, I'm a pro at documentation, and I could describe the hell out of someone's sputum.

The plan is now for 20 days of antibiotics with a bonus CT scan of the sinuses 5 days before the end of the antibiotic course. As a nurse and part time hypochondriac, I can foresee that they will want to do surgery on me. They will want to probably flush and scrape my sinuses. I am going to request that they do a chemical peel on my face, a boob lift, and liposuction while they have me under sedation. Of course, I get ahead of myself. This is only day 2 of antibiotics. Sigh.

lunch date with the parents.

I won't be seeing my father for Father's Day so I took him and my mom out to lunch today at Gordon Biersh. We geenerally don't take my parents out to restaurants that aren't Chinese because ordering is such a nightmare. My mom wants dessert instead of a meal and my dad can't be pleased. :P But oh well. They're not getting any younger and I've just come to accept that they will torture me until death do us part. Ha.

IMG_1334 IMG_1336

seattle times.

Hubby and I went on an overdue trip away from Las Vegas last month. We decided to choose a random city and went for it. We've never been on a honeymoon and we always seemed to plan trips around the kids and friends, never just for ourselves. It's about damn time.

We chose Seattle and loved every minute of it. We visited Pikes Market, saw a local band, visited Starbucks, experienced a Harbor Cruise, saw another side of Nirvana at Experience Music Project, ate fresh fried donuts, had a little nookie nookie, yada yada yada. In other words, we had a good time. We are definitely going back. Without the kids. :)

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