project life 2013 week 1.
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i'm still alive.

I seem to do this. I blog for a while and then promptly forget to keep it up. I tell myself that I don't have time. Truly, I choose to play on Instagram and Facebook because they're quick. I don't really have to think about what to say. Blogging is more purposeful, more insightful, and requires more thought from me to share those thoughts. Most of my time is spent at work. Scrapbooking and card making has come in short spurts, much to my distress. I truly miss making stuff. Making pretty stuff. For no reason at all. For a long period of time. In reality, I make myself DO SOMETHING CREATIVE everyday. And I stress myself out. I have completed Project Life 2012 (halleluyer) and I have yet to finish Project Life 2013. I drive myself crazy knowing that the album is not done. Because it's not done, I have not started Project Life 2014. I'm really good at collecting and hording and making a mess of my craftroom, but I work about 50-60 hours a week. My work is really cramping my crafty lifestyle. It's also interfered with my relationships.

IMG_3046My mind is on other things instead of being present with all aspects in my life.  I have lost true connection with my family. Yes, I speak with them, but superficially. This is going to be different. My nephew is 10 months old and I am missing how he is growing up. He barely knows me. He's afraid of me. This could be because I attack his neck. It's just begging to be chomped. I am convinced that if he sees me more, he would just be used to it and offer his neck to me automatically. No questions asked.

So. I've chosen to redesign the blog so that it's more simple and less cluttered. So that I am not bogged down with crap.  I will be returning to the blog world. Don't be scared.