it's independence day.
apothecary jar. how i love thee.

slowly getting there.

The mess that I call my craft room is slowly getting organized little by little. I wish I could spend my days organizing but alas work is getting in the way of my fun. :) Here is the room with all the crap on top of the island in the process of finding their permanent home. No one can tell but the island is 4' x 6'. Yes, that seems pretty huge for such a little room. We'll see...



These Jetmax storage cubes are my absolute favorite! Probably because I didn't put any of it together. Thank goodness I have 2 strapping bucks living at home with me (yes, I refer to hubby and stepson, not the poolboy or the butler). Ha. Yes, those letters spell "STUD." :)

Here is the other wall so far. The shelves and rails are from IKEA. I could totally use about 10 more of each, but I am trying not to be such a hoarder. :P I sent my sister home with bags full of srapbook cardstock and patterned paper. The old me would probably have some anxiety parting with so much stuff, but this new me is going to buy more paper. :) I'm still a little bit of a hoarder. Can't change that easily. I haven't had nearly the psychotherapy I need.


The room keeps changing with my mood, and as indecisive as I am, the room will keep changing. Stay tuned...