just put me to sleep already.
will you be mine, twine?

blog or facebook or twitter or nothing?

Are scrapbooking blogs obsolete? With social networking like Facebook (FB) and Twitter at an all time high, do regular non-famous people have time to keep up their personal blogs? To me, Facebook satisfies the ADHD in me, a quick look in people's lives. I don't have to think too hard to post something. Blogging requires more thought and a little bit more coherency on my part. It probably wouldn't be so easy to post a drunken post on my blog, whereas Facebook almost dares you to post something outrageous.

Are people really always so happy on FB? Are their lives so perfect? You only see what people want you to see. Sometimes I want to vomit with all the happy, productive, loving posts that I see. Truly gag on my own sputum. Really? Do you not bloat once a month like me? Do you hate your thighs? Do you sometimes want to kill your husband for breathing? Yes to all three.

I suppose blogging fulfills the same purpose as FB and Twitter. You post only what you want to post. Happy, shiny people with no worries. Well, my blogging was never like that. Mine came out of my love of scrapbooking. Then it slowly became catharsis as I wrote about my infertility. Things sure weren't rosy all the time in this brown girl's household. Later, my posts became more and more general because of a change in my job. In short, I was censoring myself.

Well, after a hiatus (er, many hiatuses) I decided to continue my blogging for scrapbooking and to document some important things in our family. I have been looking at old posts and I am so glad that I documented so much about life. I have such a bad memory that I do not remember half the stuff I wrote about. Did I really do that? And did I actually write about it?! Am I nuts? Yes to all three.

So here I go with this new chapter in the blogging world. I won't be focusing so much on work, but I will be documenting my family and hopefully, more scrapbooking. Yes, I will still be on FB. I have to have an outlet for when I butt dial those fun, drunken posts. :)