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project reorganization.

I have slowly been purging and reorganizing my scrap area. My room has looked the same for a while now and I needed a change. My hubby had built shelves desk to ceiling to utilize the space a little better, but I thought it would be fun to utilize the floor space and use the wall for decorative items.




Michael's had their scrapbook storage 40% off and had an additional 20% coupon. Score!


Hubby and Junior has been building these Jetmax storage cubes and I am sure they never want to see anymore of these suckers. Oh well. :) Hubby tore down the shelves from the walls on both sides of the room and I love how the cubes look 2 cubes high.


Here's the other side of the wall 3 cubes high. The Cropper Hopper paper holders fit perfectly in the cubes.


Here's what's inside some of the little drawers:

IMG_1839 IMG_1833

The die cut area, which was once a closet, has now been converted into a sewing area. Those Jetmax cubes are so wonderful. I can't believe I never used these before.


We have a long way to go since the work area will now be in the center island. But so far so good. :)