homemade oreos.
cheap tricks.

don't sweat the small stuff.

I have always been in awe of the world of blogging, how it brings virtual strangers together, how the world is so big yet so small at the same time. I don't comment much on the blogs, but know that I am stalking you all just the same.

Today, I checked one of my most frequented blogs and found an update after many months of absence. I waited for a daily recap of her blog for a while now. Linda has always been funny, honest, and so talented in the world of scrapbooking. I thought it was such a shame she didn't share so much anymore. It turns out she had been sick. I don't know the nature of her illness, but she has since been in a coma, lost her feet, the tips of her fingers. Wow. Her story brought me to tears. She is now on her way to healing and rehabilitation. Her resilience inspires me. And today, I am once again reminded of how blessed we truly are. How the little things do not matter. How important family is. How much I love my husband.

This Valentine's Day holds a different meaning for me because of Linda's blog. My husband and I must be better at communicating how we feel about each other. We must not take each other for granted. We must love each other through it all, even though we might get frustrated at each other and want to kill each other for breathing. We must love each other unconditionally.

I will continue to follow her story...