we now return to our regulary scheduled program.
today is a good day.

down with the brown.

Our little boy has grown up. And I think I am going to hurl. Junior turned 16 years old last month and with this milestone, it is well known that he is now allowed to date. I never thought it would happen because we told him that he is welcome to date anyone he wanted--if he can afford it. Since he does not have a job, we never thought it would happen. We thought we were safe. At least for a long while.

We noticed some subtle changes the past few weeks:

  1. He has been on MySpace and Facebook more often (with supervision, of course). He was never one to partake in social networking before.
  2. He went through his 400 texts a month in 9 days. This boy does not like to talk let alone spell.
  3. He cares about what he wears.
  4. He showers. Without being threatened.

I didn't attribute all these good things to a real girl. Maybe she can get him to keep his room cleaner. And guess what? The girl is 15 years old, very protected by her family, and she is brown. I've loved her like my own daughter and she is a sweet girl, good in school, does not wear any makeup, and sings like an angel. She has been in our church choir for a couple of years and our families have always been close. The bad thing about her is that she has boobs. And now it is our jobs as parents to keep those two from discovering them. The two kids grew up playing video games together, basketball, and now tonsil hockey. Just kidding, husband. They remind us of US: hubby and I; white boy, brown girl. Good luck.

I don't know what to think. I am truly a parent of a teen. My husband has had THE talk with him before. I have tried to keep the lines of communication open. Remember this? I obviously don't know what I am doing. So in this case, I am letting my husband do all the talking.