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cricut storage.

I have been having a love affair with my Cricut recently. I had forgotten all the fun things you can do with all the different Cricut cartridges. I just reorganized my stash of cartridges and this is the way it will stay until I decide to get the Gypsy. I found these instructions online and decided to give it a try when Joann's was having a 50% off on all their storage bins. I find it to be very handy and much less bulky than carrying around the original packaging. It worked well when I went to a crop recently.


IMG_2794a IMG_2793

I bought 2 of the Ribbon Holders and a pack of plastic canvas from Walmart. The whole thing cost about $12. :)

happy fall y'all.

IMG_0284 I am enjoying this fall weather that we've had lately. The nip in the air is quite refreshing after the scorching heat here. In reality, the fall season is hard to see in Vegas. Leaves don't turn different glorious colors here. They are either green or the trees are bare and dead. I try to bring a little bit of fall into my home by having the boys and I pick out our very own pumpkins. I've never done this in my whole Fillipino life. We brown people just don't think about it. Now that we have a child at home (a very tall child), we are starting our own traditions. I tried putting them outside in front of the door to get into the season and guess what? Someone stole one of the pumpkins! Are people that desperate that they must steal a gourd from my own front yard? Can't I just enjoy the look of pumpkin sitting by the door? Sheesh. Just knock and ask me if you can have it. I will talk about you behind your back, but I will give you a damn pumpkin. Hrmph.

crop weekend.

IMG_0286 I spent 11 hours at a crop this Saturday and I am still recovering. First of all, 9 pm is bedtime to an old lady like me. Second, I have never just scrapped for that long. Usually, when friends and I get together at each other's homes, we spend our time eating, laughing, and talking about sex. I wasn't used to actually getting things done at a crop. In this case, I went to a scrapbook store 45 minutes away after carting off my whole house of supplies and spent time with some very nice but serious ladies. They all had a purpose and they loved scrapping. Just what I needed to jump start my creative juices. I did 3 pages and a card, played with new tools, got a look at new supplies, new Cricut cartridges, participated in a page contest, enjoyed bagels and spooky treats, a catered dinner, and beer (ok, I couldn't drink any beer since I am ALLERGIC- damn!). I never knew crops could be so fun! I might have to return next month. :)