oh. em. gee.

vacation week recap.

It's back to work for me and hubby tomorrow after 1 whole week off. Sigh. I need a vacation from the vacation. Good news is that I didn't kill anyone on the trip to Disneyland. We made sure we had plenty of snacks and water on the way up. Brought my own pillow and blankie. Brought the dogs to my parents' house. We were set. Or so we thought.

After 4 hours of driving, we finally made it to the Comfort Inn. I should have known how it was going to be when Junior stated that the establishment looked just like the one on Cops. We were in the hood and I was scurred. I chose the hotel because it was close to Disneyland, it was a suite and had 2 bathrooms, and was within our budget. My favorite part was that there was an area for the kids and one for the adults, if you catch my drift. Our last family trip consisted of me sleeping on the same bed with Abby and hubby shared a bed with Junior. I vowed never to have that again. I needed adult time in a bad way. We grinned and bared it until the kids' bathroom shower didn't work and our own toilet didn't flush. Hubby promptly called the Hyatt and we hauled our asses out of there. After all that planning, we ended up wit 2 queen beds and 1 bathroom just like the last family vacation. Oh, well. I guess I don't get any nookie when it is a family vacation. At least I didn't fear my car being stolen or being jumped. :P

Here's the view from our room at the Hyatt. We could see the fireworks from Disneyland at night. So pretty.  I did not take a photo of the Comfort Inn. The view from the window was of the PARKING LOT. And a photo could not have captured the aroma of urine as you stepped out of the room.

We visited Huntington Beach. The kids had never been to the beach and they loved it. Abby and I collected sea shells, Junior tried to be cool and not get in the water, and hubby tried not to be burned to a crisp. Loved having sand in all our orifices. Makes walking very interesting.
Disneyland was fun and exhausting at the same time. I was hyped and excited when we first got there and became a wilted flower at the end of the day. I don't know why. I am obviously in great shape.
 It was definitely fun and funny and too, too short. We'll definitely have to plan another family trip for next year.

And now, Abby has gone home. I miss the little sucker.