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princess for the day.

I have been working on these crown invitations all day and I am enjoying myself. It's been so long since I've been in the scrap area that I almost forgot what it feels like to create something just for fun. My friends' baby will be 1 soon and since she is a princess, she gets these pink crown invitations. :)

my husband says so.

My husband does not know if I am alive or not because I have not blogged in so long. Ha ha, husband. Not much going on here except Junior has been traveled out of state to visit his mom and sister for 5 weeks. Yes, it's summer time again for the kids. I have been enjoying adult time with my husband in more ways than one. Wink wink. :) I am walking around without a bra. Ah, freedom. We are watching rated R movies without having to pause the movie or lower the volume. I am going to be enjoying this time. Junior will return with his sister and she will be with us for 5 weeks also.

I am looking forward to the weekend to have some "me" time. I was not successful in scrapping last week and I will attempt to have some creative time again. I have been feeling uninspired lately and I have been trying to read scrapping mags and looking at layouts online. I am trying not to feel pressured into making a page because that defeats the purpose but I do know that I need to do something creative this weekend. Wish me luck!