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i think god is trying to tell me something.

IMG_0162 I got rear ended on the way to work yesterday morning. I was exiting off the freeway and yielded to oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, the car behind me did not. My car's fender is pushed in and I can't pop open my trunk. My neck is a bit sore but I am ok.

I have never been in an accident where I was the driver and I wasn't exactly sure what to do. The person who hit me did not want me to call the police and report it. He wanted to fix it himself. I called 911 anyway. He was at fault and was cited.

Even though my boss gave me strict instructions to take care of myself and go home, I went to work and did an evaluation. I had planned a staff meeting but had to cancel. I had banana bread for the staff stuck in the trunk and I was going to feed it to them if it killed me. So I asked one of my coworkers to crawl in the backseat and grab the 2 loaves.

My husband made me go to the ER. I already have a herniated disk. I did not need another injury. My boss called the ER and I was seen, given pain medication, watched some Oprah, and had a CT scan- all done in 1.5 hours. They say the pain in my neck will get worse in the next couple of days so I guess I am ready for anything with Flexaril and Lortab.

I think God is telling me something. This accident was a smack in the face. I need to slow down a little bit. I need to take time for myself and I need to destress more. I just have to remember not to go all "Anna Nicole" on my husband with all those prescriptions.

atg gun love.

Atg Meet my new favorite toy, the Scotch ATG 714 tape gun. I bought this here for about $47.50. Yes, I know. Pretty steep, huh? But for the price of this baby and the refills (each roll has 36 yards of strong adhesive), I could stop buying the little glue dispensers that run about $3-6 each and continue buying refills for $1.25 each. I bought 24 rolls of 36 yard acid free adhesive for about $30 here. As much as I use glue, this was well worth it! Anyone else love this tape gun?

happy green day.

I was astounded about the number of people wearing green today. I completely forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. If I was still in 3rd grade, I'm sure I would have been pinched, but as an adult everyone just asked me where my green was. My husband says I am exempt from wearing green since he has red hair and he has lucky charms. I guess I am a leprechaun by injection. Ha!

filing fun.

I have not been in a scrappy mood lately. I've been having fun making cards and completing little projects here and there.

I finished this project using a template I found on Papertrey Ink. It is adorable and very easy to make. I always need thank you cards and wanted to display them in a cute way at work. This is perfect for A2 cards or whatever your heart desires. I made each file folder separately and then placed them all in a tray. I even used the scraps to make some cards.


IMG_2692a IMG_2693a IMG_2694a
Filed With Flair Timeless Templates from Papertrey Ink
American Crafts patterned cardstock
DCWV pink, yellow, brown cardstock
Stampin' Up! scallop circle
Stampin' Up! letter stamps
Stampin' Up! Pink Passion ink pad
Fiskars border punch
ribbon unknown

i don't blog when i am stressed.

Bday cardIf you haven't seen a post from me, either I am stressed or I am dead. I probably should be venting more but the past few days have been a bit crazy and have not been able to get to a computer.

A dear friend of mine passed away a couple of days ago. It hit me hard and reminded me how short life is and that we need to mend relationships before it is too late. Stubborn pride helps no one.

Work has been time consuming also. I was called a million times while I was at the funeral yesterday. It's really sad that I can't get an afternoon to mourn and to pay my respects without the whole world collapsing at work. I am not superwoman and I cannot solve world peace. Everyone wants action now and forget that I am only human. I am at everyone's beck and call. Why can't people return MY phone call when I call them?

Anyway, I suppose I have vented enough. I have brought work home but I took a few minutes to make some mini cards. I deserve some down time and I am taking it. Dammit.

been babysitting the baby.

See this baby? I love him. My brother brought him over the other day under the guise of needing a baby sitter, but I know better. My brother felt sorry for me and LET me take care of the child. Little Jared is 2 months old now. He can hold his own head up. He rolls over, smiles, and talks. He has great taste in television because watched For the Love of Ray J this weekend with me. He likes lots of noise and I love him. Did I already say that? He has his Godmother wrapped around his little pinkie finger.

His mom likes to send daily updates and I look forward to them.
Here he is after he got his shots. I think they used the biggest needle they had. The bastards!