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like, totally.

Hubby and I are going to an 80s party. I'm so bummed that I didn't keep any of my 80s paraphernalia. Is it good or bad that we had to scour our closets to find something to wear tonight? I don't have any Dippity Do or any of my rubber bracelets. I miss my banana clip and bright neon green clothing. I will have to remember to wear my side ponytail to church tomorrow and I will make my husband wear his collars up from now on. Ah, memories of youth.

Off to the party!
Photo 23

crafty goodness.

Sigh. Love all this eye candy.

Craft rooms

1. Storage and Shipping....., 2. Pottery Barn Shelves, 3. Desk Surface, 4. Rincón de trabajo con mesa nueva, 5. Sugar*Sugar Studio, 6. my new play space, 7. Smitten Jewelry Headquarters, 8. corners of my studio, 9. craftroom corner, 10. old----work room, 11. Sewing area, 12. Craft room corner, 13. on my desk 1, 14. Cantinho, 15. Untitled, 16. For Geninne :-)) / Para a Geninne:-)), 17. craft, 18. Patchwork, 19. Mini quilt - work in progress, 20. My Doll/Craft Room, 21. embellies n wares, 22. Studio Re-do 12/2008, 23. things, 24. Messy work table, 25. Craft room, 26. OY @ home..., 27. IMGP3461, 28. sewing room, 29. studio shots, 30. orla kiely for target, 31. new wire shelf for more storage, 32. new studio!, 33. New home made ribbon holder, 34. IMG_6082.JPG, 35. Work Haven, 36. Scrapbook Studio Calendar

i've got the world on a thring.

Does Michael Buble sound like he has a lisp? To those who own his latest album, please, play a few of his songs and truly lithen, I mean listen. My husband ruined it for me one day when he started imitating him.

Me and Mithith Joneth, Mithith Joneth, Mithith Joneth, Mithith Joneth

Call me irrethponthible

I've got the world on a thring, thitting on a rainbow

Ugh. I am irritated and annoyed. If he truly did have a lisp, couldn't they have engineered it somehow so that it wasn't so noticeable to the public? Does he have a tongue ring? Missing teeth? Peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth? I read somewhere that he did the lisping on purpose to make him seem "irrethponthible." Why would anyone want to recreate a speech impediment and put out an album? And why didn't I do my research before I bought his latest CD?

lots of lurve.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! Hubby and are actually going out to dinner tonight. I hope it's somewhere cheap because we are on a budget. Last year, we had dinner at home, complete with steak and some action. :) This year, I'm hoping for some more. Steak, that is. Ha!

ninth grade memories.

Ninth grade
A friend posted this page from my ninth grade yearbook on Facebook. I was part the student government, I think. I forget, it's been so long. From this picture, you can tell that:

  1. The photographer wanted to place my friend and me in the best light. He wanted to make sure we looked truly Asian, as evidenced by the squinting. Wait. Was my friend white?
  2. Good hair days determined my height. This day, I am clearly five foot four inches tall. Thank you, Aquanet.
  3. My hair is bigger than my glasses which are bigger than my face.

operation clean scrap space.

I've been trying to keep my scrap area clean. It's very hard for me to keep this space tidy because it is full of crap, not just scrap supplies, but other things that just don't seem to have a place in the rest of my house. Well, it's a new year and a new mind set. I will keep this area clean because I feel better when I look at an organized space. I just have to remember to put things back after I complete a project. Easier said than done, I think. It will always be a work in progress but I am doing ok so far (does 2 days count?) I actually see white space on my desk top again and I almost forgot the floor had carpet. :) Here is the space a few days ago when I started the project.




things to have on hand while feeling like crap.

I never thought I would say that I was lonely. I never feel this way. I enjoy being by myself. Growing up in a home with 5 kids ensured that I would never be by myself and that I would always have permanent hearing loss. But today, I am home sick again. I have been diagnosed with strep pharyngitis by the physician slash plastic surgeon slash quack. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since I suspected the diagnosis myself. I am a hypochondriac by nature as most nurses are. I've diagnosed myself incorrectly with possible appendicitis, cooties, and writer's block in the past so I was hoping I was right this time.

I have found some friends to keep me company in my misery:
My Neti Pot. Isn't it cute? It's like a little teapot but it's the best thing ever. For those who have not had the pleasure of using one of these babies, it's like a mini hose. For your nostrils. See that little mushroom tip? Does it remind of you of something? My nose is no longer a virgin. Anyway, you mix up the little saline packet with warm tap water, cock your head to the side (ha!), and slowly pour its contents down your nose and through your sinuses. After coughing and gagging (was I talking about something else?) and drowning, your sinuses are clearer. I have dramatically decreased my sinus infections since I started using this sucker.


Puffs with Lotion. The lotion really makes such a difference in my nose blowing experience.


Ascorbic Acid aka Vitamin C. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I had all these fruits and vegetables at home with me? Well, I don't. But I couldn't find a photo of a vitamin so I posted a substitute instead.


My dogs. They follow me everywhere and they are both content to lay by me wherever I am (i.e. the couch, the bed, the toilet). Unconditional love. Even my husband won't follow me to the bathroom.