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the view from my desk.

I have 5 days off this holiday week and I am taking full advantage of it. My desk is a mess although I have not scrapbooked a thing. It's hard to get back into the swing of scrapping when I have neglected it so. I suppose it's like getting back on that horse, except I will probably kill the horse. Ha!

I did finish a card. :)

Supplies: Bazzill cardstock, Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip ink pad, Stampin' Up So Many Scallops stamp set, Heidi Grace patterned paper, ribbon scraps, brad unknown

there aren't enough hours in the day.

Been busy preparing for Christmas. I burned 50 CD's of my favorite Christmas tunes for the staff and trimmed CD covers with old paper from my stash. Feels good to use them up. My desk is a mess but at least I have been productive lately in the scrap room.
IMG_2441 IMG_2443

Little Abby is here and she is taller than me. Sigh. I suppose that's not such a difficult thing to do. The girl is growing up and she DOES have boobs. She is also sporting underwear with lace on it and my hubby is not that happy about that. He shouldn't be that worried since they are granny underwears. They're huger than my own. And mine are like parachutes with huge leg holes.

somebody's gonna hurt someone before the night is through.

Fight Every Filipino I know is watching the DeLa Hoya and Pacquiao fight tonight, including myself. I'm not a big boxing fan but my brother has invited the brown clan over his house for a Potluck Game Night. Who can turn down a Potluck?

I was watching a show about the two said boxers and I could not help but stare with my mouth agape about their different training styles, especially Pacquiao from my native country ob da Feeleepeenz. This man has an entourage of trainers/bodyguards/friends and they all stay in modest condo eating fried fish and rice. Pacquiao's pregnant wife stays in a room by herself on the floor below pining for a simpler life. They follow her lonely self knocking on her husband's door while Pacquiao is the background doing this: _______. (Fill in the blank). Is it training? Exercising? Praying? No, the correct answer is-I'm not making this up- karaokeing. Yes, folks, my native countryman trains by singing on the MagicMic. This clearly is the secret to winning a fight and possibly landing a record deal so that he has something to fall back on in case this boxing thing doesn't pan out.

post thanksgiving activities.

Did you all survive Thanksgiving? Hubby, Junior, and I made our rounds to both sides of the families' homes. We had white people food and brown people food. Both equally good and both equally not fat free. I kidnapped my mother the day after Thanksgiving so she could help me decorate for Christmas. My house looks like Santa threw up in there. I have been listening to Christmas tunes in my house, my car, and in the office. I've watched "Elf" twice. I'm even wearing Rudolph underwear. What, is that wrong?