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happy halloweenie.

Photo 58a  Today, I had the day off for Nevada Day. Yes, we have a day to celebrate our state. Yes, we enjoy having the day off which happens to coincide with Halloween. And more exciting than Halloween, I voted today. :)

Be safe out there while trick-or-treating. I am off to a party!

leaving on a jet plane.

Hubby and I are in the airport as I type this waiting to board a flight to Arizona. This is our yearly trip to see our friends, Sepi and Martin, and it is a much needed reprieve from our regular life. We are excited to see our old friends and their new baby. I suppose it doesn't hurt that Sepi's mom will be there too. She cooks. Score! :)
Photo 6

it's been a long week.

This week I have been reminded of how our time on this earth is so short. Ed, one of the nurses at work, passed away suddenly. He was well loved and adored by all the staff and we will miss him terribly. I went to his Memorial on Saturday and it was a reunion of old and new friends. We set aside all the past differences and remembered the life that he lived.

We see a lot of deaths at work. We can never really prepare for all the ones we see. Nurses band together in support for the families. Taking care of people is something we do well. But sometimes we forget to take care of each other. Especially when something like this happens to one of our own.

Today, I received word that another staff member passed away. I am reeling with the news. I don't know how much more we can take. Please remember us in your prayers. We need all the support we can get.

discovered photo booth.

Photo 5 I discovered the fun of photo booth this weekend and I am having fun playing with all the effects. Forget housework or any work I brought home with me. I love that one can see how my hair is done, what earrings I have on, and what I am wearing as I type this post. You can't tell that I am not wearing any pants though. I can't reveal ALL my secrets.