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we survived.

I survived my brother's wedding. It was exhausting since I was a blubbering mess. He is my baby brother and his was the first diapers I ever changed. I am glad it is done and that he has his whole life ahead of him. 2 weddings down, 3 more to go. I hope the rest of my brothers and sisters elope. :)

Here is the wedding party in all of our orange glory.


Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary. We try not to spend a lot of money anymore now that we have a growing boy at home, but we try to remember why we married each other in the first place. Companionship, friendship, and license to have sex by the Catholic church. Ha! Hubby and Junior visited my office the night before to see if they could sneak in some flowers. It's such a wonderful surprise to open my office door to a bouquet of roses. I love that. :) And I love that my stepson gets to see how a man treats his wife. These little lessons will make him a good man one day.

I also had another weigh-in. I lost 1.6 pounds. Yay! I could not stay for the Weight Watchers meeting itself because of another meeting, but it felt good know that what I am doing is working. I have quit counting points and I am not really on the Core Plan either. I am just eating healthier and exercising more. I found that I was saving my points for crap like ice cream and candy bars. No more of that. My pants feel better and my muffin top, a.k.a. belly roll, is starting to disappear. I guess it was a sign when I went to the last fitting of my bridesmaid dress. Only 1 person hoisted me into the dress this time, not the whole cavalry of bridal consultants.

I hope this weekend is stress-free for you and me! :)

orange you glad you didn't say banana?

My sisters and I had the final fitting of our bridesmaid dresses today. No matter how much I wish the orange color away, it still remains. It's a dress I will only wear one day. Or is it? I think I should wear it when I clean the toilet. Or wash the car. I think I will go to the gym in it. I'm sure no one will care. I am going to wear it to work. I will even volunteer for patient care, change a few diapers, start some IVs. As long as I wear white nursing shoes, I'm sure they won't mind.

it's not that relevant.

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What were you doing 7 years ago today? It was my day off and I woke up, turned on the TV and was inundated by the video of an airplane crashing into the Twin Towers over and over again. I cried all day long. This is what I remember on the anniversary of 9/11. The sadness. The grief. The horror. My weigh-in day is not that important in the grand scheme of things. I am happy to be alive and that I live in this country where freedom rings. I thank God for that everyday, and today, I remember the lives lost that fateful day...

thursday, throw up day.

Today was weigh in day and so far I have lost 4.2 pounds. Yay. It's a good start. I just wish we were weighing in naked. The meetings are nice and all if it weren't for all the clapping and all the inspirational crap. Everyone knows the secret to losing weight is throwing up after you eat. That's how I did it. Alright, fine. I'm just cranky and hungry. I mean, if you really know me, you'd know I don't run or vomit. I love food waaaaay too much. I think I am just having withdrawal symptoms after I was so rudely weaned from my daily dose of action. I'm sure I will be all gung ho about the program after 10 days of antibiotics. Everyone knows that being on antibiotics is like being on laxatives which equals more weight loss. Bonus.

this is what I get for becoming my husband's beck-and-call girl.

Well, I knew it was too good to be true. There really is such a thing as too much sex. I spent the morning at a Quick Care because I have a urinary tract infection. Along with the sexcapades, I have Nurse Syndrome. I don't drink enough water and I don't pee when I should. Nurses are the worst patients. Sigh. As it stands, the challenge is put on hold until I feel better.

Oh well. I guess we'll have to find other ways to entertain ourselves. :)

Here is a card I made this weekend. All old stuff from my stash.

Neenah black cardstock
Cuttlebug Paisley embossing folder
KI Memories patterned paper
Heidi Swapp Crowns acrylic stamp
Heidi Swap chipboard letters
ribbon unknown


This is 3 days of 7. So far, so good, folks. :) Hubby and I are tired but happy. I think we like each other again.

Lily was kind enough to point out that Nutri-System has a point system for sex play. Does Weight Watchers have something like that? I think I'm on the wrong diet. :)