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french manicure complications.

I only get manicures and pedicures when Abby is here. It's something she enjoys and it's sort of a tradition for us now. In my real world, I cannot afford regular mani/pedis. I never really had a reason to get them since the hospital did not allow painted nails (for infection control). Since I don't do patient care anymore, I like to have pretty fingernails. As a result, I do my own french manicures at home. My sister comes over and we do our nails together at a fraction of the price. Yes, it's cheaper than a professional one, but I protect my fingers like they are covered in gold. 

This weekend, I attempted the French Manicure on my fingers. I finally perfected the art of painting with my left hand. I have perfected peeing without smudging my drying nails. I perfected undressing for bed without chipping my fingemails. Except this weekend. In ultimate Cynthia fashion, I managed to maneuver my sports bra above and around my head in a half Nelson. My arms were stuck in the air and the sports bra was twisted around my back and neck. I finally had to enlist the help of my husband to get out of that position. After the humiliation and my husband laughing uncontrollably at me, my nails remained perfectly intact. That, my friends, is talent.

an apple a day.


I am now the proud new owner of a MacBook Pro. I've always wanted one and after years of dreaming of an Apple computer, I finally broke down and purchased one. I think I am having a little bit of buyer's remorse. I am a frugal gal and I'm feeling a bit of the Filipino, Catholic guilt. After my heart palpitations die down from the price, I can enjoy the new toy. My sister was kind enough to allow us to use her teacher discount. OK, we dragged her to the Mac store. We saved about $300 and got an iTouch for free. I can't seem to get the hang of the SmartTouch pad. I thought I was going to throw it out the window last night. But after research on my old Windows computer (ah, the irony), I figured out how to click and select an icon on the computer. 

Any suggestions for free Mac must-haves? Is there such a thing?

oh, paper and scissors. how i've missed you.

I am usually very productive when it comes to scrapbooking but I can literally count on my fingers the pages I've made this year. Sigh. I miss spending days soaking up my scrap area and making pages from the sheer joy of it. I no longer have that time and when I do, I spend that time catching up on much needed housework, going to church, and spending time with my husband and family. 2 days off is simply not enough to do all the things I want to do.

Look at the progression of pages in 2006:



10 pages and it's already the end of July. I must be more productive. Yes, I've made lots of cards this year but the amount of pages is really depressing me.

when did my parents become old?

Parents I had a date with my mom and my sisters this weekend to see Mamma Mia! the movie. A girl's day out if you will. A day of laughing, singing, and talking about men. Or so I thought. My dad kept hinting and trying to invite himself to come along. Since when did my dad care if we take my mom out for a little bonding time? He never cared before. How come they don't like to take me out? How come they always take you? he says to my mom. Maybe because we want to enjoy ourselves and not be dictated to all day long. He's been saying these things a lot lately. He's so sensitive now. When I was growing up, my dad was not the most nurturing parent. He worked 3 jobs and came home long enough to discipline us 5 kids. My mom was the ice cream giver and the boo- boo kisser. Through the years, we sort of forgot about my dad. We were always puzzled that my parents worked so well together. Ma was so passive, Dad was so assertive. I could see why she married him once but we did warn her the 2nd time they got married (their 25th wedding anniversary). I kept telling her she should have said no. Don't you learn from your mistakes? Ha!

Naturally, we gravitated towards the mother figure. My mom liked to spend time with us. She called us often. My dad was the stern silent type, who only made noise to criticize. No fun trying to live up to his expectations when when we were around him. I always thought he had better things to do than want to spend any time with us. But he is getting old and he is getting soft, starting to miss the kids and all.

Well, I broke down and invited him along with my mom and sisters and it wasn't half bad if you don't count him being 10 steps ahead of us at all times. He has changed a bit through the years but in many ways he is still the strong dictator, ahem patriarch, that we all love. Besides, he can't be that bad if enjoys Mamma Mia!

working at home.

I didn't bring any paperwork home with me this weekend but work is always on my mind. I fear I am becoming a workaholic. Instead I have been cranking out super simple pages for the unit scrapbook.

Hilda Unit Star
KI Memories patterned paper
National cardstock- blue (how old is this paper? holy crap!)
Marvy Uchida and Paper Shapers star punches
buttons unknown
Stampin' Up! Headline Alphabet (retired)
Stampin' Up! Whisper White Craft ink
Stampin' Up! scallop border punch

a simple page.

A quick and simple page for my unit scrapbook.
Unit Star
MAMBI patterned cardstock scraps
DCWV green cardstock
cardstock scraps
Doodlebug stickers
Stampin' Up! Cause for Celebration stamp set
Stampin' Up! ink pads
Stampin' Up! Baroque Motifs stamp set
Versamark ink
buttons unknown
Stamp Oasis white embossing powder

lazy saturday.

Stayed in bed until 10 am. I'm not going to feel guilty for sleeping in, dammit. I spent the morning having breakfast with my husband and vegetating in front of the television. It's still strange not having to worry about putting on some pants while the kids are not here. Clothing is optional for 4 more weeks. For instance, a bra is not necessary until the twins start scraping the stove and catch on fire while cooking. I will enjoy adult time, yes, I will.

Finished these recently. I have not scrapped in so long. I miss it so. I cannot relax and enjoy the process because we have so much to do around the house. Cleaning does not get done in a timely manner without the kids because honestly, they are really handy at the dishes and the toilets. Especially when it's made a prerequisite for karaoke and the Wii. One of the perks of having kids is that there is always someone to do the housework, just ask my parents. :P
Thanks cards

it's so quiet.

The kids went back to their mom's house yesterday (Abby to live, Junior to visit). I thought I would be enjoying myself more. No noise, no censoring, no fights, no watching the Disney channel or Nickelodeon, no drama. Instead, it's empty here. No Abigail to borrow my jewelry, no Junior to ask for more dessert. I don't know what my husband and I did before Junior came to live with us. It must have been a very boring life.