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creative day.

I was not on-call this weekend and I enjoyed myself today. Went to Dim Sum with my friend, Grace, and went window shopping at a local scrapbook store. I was very proud of myself. I did not buy any more supplies. It doesn't mean the itch wasn't there, I just chose not to scratch it in public. :)

Also finished a couple of entries in some circle journals that I am very late with (blush). Heather, they are on their way! I have stuck to my use-up-all-my-supplies vow and managed to do the pages with very old papers. Makes me feel good to use them all up!



trying to make it last.

I feel like a prisoner whose been set free but fears being put back in jail. I am making my 3 day weekend last forever and I am scrapping slowly but surely. Thank goodness my hubby and stepson are so understanding. It helps that Aunt Flo has come to visit this weekend, otherwise I'd probably be doing something else. I'm not talking about knitting. Hee hee.

Anyway, here is my latest card from scraps. I have such an issue getting rid of even the tiniest bit of paper, especially when it is so cute. What is my problem? I think that I have some sort of obsessive/compulsive disorder.  I can't bring myself to just let go. Do you all think that all scrappers have this problem?


complete and total lift from Kristina Werner (love her stuff)
Scenic Route patterned cardstock
SU! stamps
SU! ink
ribbon scraps uknown

BTW, I am going to start lifting scrappers more often. I refuse to give myself a headache anymore. Why not? I am no longer on design teams and I have stopped submitting to magazines long ago.  Maybe this will spark some creativity inside me. :)

home is where the heart is.

OK, it's really where you scrapbook. And scratch your ass with abandon. It's like coming home when I scrap nowadays. It's been way too long and this 3 day weekend is a miracle. I got this page done and it's a total mish mash of old stickers and patterned paper and old cardstock. I am no longer on any design teams because of a lack of free time and now I am making pages for myself again. It's a relief to do something without a pending deadline and right now it fits with my life. I am rediscovering old supplies and I am loving it. No other supplies will be making their way into this house until I use up everything I have, except for glue, of course. I'm bringing sticker sneeze back, baby. Just you wait.
Black Bazzill cardstock
Crate cardstock (green grass)
Scenic Route patterned cardstock
Walk in My Garden, Accent Essentials, and Plantin Schoolbook Cricut Cartridges
Basic Grey letter stickers
KI Memories letter stickers
rhinestones unknown

up late.

This is a 3 day weekend for me and I am taking full advantage of it. I am straightening out my scrap area, cleaning and purging, and it feels good. My scraps have been divided into 3 bins--one for Abby, one for anyone who might come over (aka Theresa, who came over tonight and is too shy to take anymore than a bag o' stuff), and stuff for Dee Dee from Guam. :) It's on it's way, my friend. Thanks for the patience.

I have discovered lots of photos that have never been scrapped and lots of old cardstock, stickers, and supplies waiting to be used. Still very good stuff but they have been long forgotten and neglected. I have been doing so well with not buying anything new because it's a sickness, this collecting thing I do. I caved and bought the Cricut Design Studio (blush) this weekend.

At least I finished a page using up my old crap.

green, yellow, red cardstock unknown
Me Mima font
Cricut Opposites Attract font welded with Cricut Design Studio
Chatterbox alphabet stickers
buttons unknown

i'm over it.

I got my big girl panties in a wad and now I'm going to pick the wedgie away. Sorry for the misery in the last post, folks. I felt way too sorry for myself. Instead of working the whole shift, I get to work from 11pm until 3 am. Other shifts were nice enough to cover for me in the beginning and at the end of the 12 hour shift. My staff is the best. :)

I just have to know that we will always worry about staffing problems and that we all have to help each other to get through it. I had just had enough of this hellish week and it was spilling over into my scrappy weekend. Get over it, sister! Things are better than you think. Hrmph.

Off to work tonight...

just a little vent.

I don't know why I took this job. It is more stressful and mentally draining than anything I have ever done in my life. I am in charge of this Pediatric Unit and I am exhausted. I am trying to get it all together here but sometimes everything is just too much. Tonight, 2 people have called in sick and because we are already understaffed, calling others in to work is futile. I have to go and work the night shift tonight as a staff nurse and I've already worked 50 hours. :( I've been calling everyone all day. I am tired and weepy and just want to sit in my scrap area  and make a page or two. It's been a long week and I don't know why I am doing this to myself. I just wanted to relax and I can't. I need to reevaluate, I think, because the cheese is getting a little old with the same WHINE. Please forgive a tired, weepy, lady who only took this position to make it better for the patients and the nurses. Will it get better?

Now I have to get to bed so I can be up all night...

parenting lesson #136.

Needless to say, I am very green at the parenting, especially to a 14 year old boy. Yesterday, I was catching up on my Dr. Phil episodes and Junior happened to be around as is the case every day now. They were featuring teens who were having sex and getting pregnant. Thank goodness for shows like Bret Michaels' Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and Dr. Phil. They teach lessons I didn't have to explain myself. Of course, I encouraged an open dialogue (please don't have sex). I asked him what he knew (please don't have sex). He explained that his mom told him all about it- you put your thingie in her thingie (you better not have sex). WTF? This is one of my pet peeves, when people don't give private parts their given medical names. But I guess I should be grateful that she was not telling him about his schnitzel and her bun, know what I mean? Anyway, I digress. Throughout the course of the show one of the teen girls on the show stated that she was afraid to have sex because she heard it hurt. Of course, Junior asked why all the teens were doing it if it hurt so bad? I set him straight and told him that yes it hurts. Her Veronica will bite yours off. OK, I didn't say that. But I did tell him that at first this act hurts the female (don't have sex) but that we want him to wait until he was married and that this act was very special to both a husband and a wife. In other words, I lied to him. Ha! But he kept insisting on knowing why sex hurts so much. In my infinite knowledge of sex and parenting, I asked him to think about a hot dog going into his ear and see if he would like it. Got that? It hurts. So don't do it. Dammit.

i have a sty, oh my.

I am home today with a sty, in my right eye.
And now I'm gonna cry.
Because I'm probably going to die.
Oh, my.
Says the hypochondriac.

Am I a deranged Dr. Seuss? I think it's the painful throbbing in my right upper eye or the nagging stabbing ache when light hits it that's caused the insanity. I am Asian but my eye finally looks like I have a lid.  Too bad I look like I'm winking at you. I suppose I could poke my eye out with a stick but I like to have my face somewhat symmetrical and I like to actually see what my dessert looks like. So I suppose I will sit here and do the nurse thing and take care of it. Yadda yadda yadda.