today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
want some scraps?

it all caught up with me.

Went home early from work today. I felt like my head was going to explode from my body and I needed a nap. I suppose I haven't been sleeping well this week. I am thinking that it's stress. Junior (aka Little Jeff) coming home to us, budget proposals due, customer service issues with families, new grad panel interviews. It just finally got to me. I've not gone home sick once since I've worked in this hospital. I suppose I am due for this now.

Junior was homesick the first night he got here. He breaks my heart when he says he misses his mom. It is completely understandable. Of course, he misses his mom. He has lived with her for 10 years. But I was beginning to doubt our decision to bring him to us. Are we insane? Why did we take him out of his comfort zone? Why don't we just hang  us by our nipples to a tree? Idiots idiots idiots. Are we so arrogant that we could think he could have a better life with us? What makes us so great? We eat too much junk, we watch too much TV, we are too sarcastic, we curse way too much. Idiots idiots idiots.

Sigh. One day at a time, peeps. One day at a time...