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such a dork.

Had a HUGE meeting today with all the bigwigs in the hospital. I mean those administrators that are BIG enchiladas. The administrators who decide my fate in the organization. The ones who decide my raises and my paychecks. And since I am the newest member of the club, they required that I get up in front of a room of about 100 people, with a microphone, to introduce myself. Public speaking is not exactly my forte. Now if I were to get up there and do some scrapbooking, that would be more comfortable for me. So what do I do? I make a total ass of myself. In front of all of my bosses. After I told them about myself, I basically warned them never to give me a microphone again since I am an accomplished karaoke singer. I am a mic hog, after all. Idiot idiot idiot. I'm used to making a fool of myself. Toilet paper sticking out of my pants, de-pants-ing myself after losing some weight (thank goodness I was wearing underwear), talking sperm with my reproductive endocrinologist, hurting myself with my breasts as I get on the elliptical, etcetera, etcetera. The list goes on and on. I just never thought I would be such a dork in front of so many VIPs. I suppose it was a good thing they laughed. They were laughing WITH me, not AT me, right?

ryan grew up.


We don't get to see my cousin and her family very much anymore because they moved away, but Thanksgiving gives us a chance to see each other again. Here's the football player we call Ryan Matthew at 5 months. So grown up now. He is ticklish on his neck and his legs. Guess how I know? I like to bite his little ham hocks. I suppose he should learn how to crawl soon otherwise he will fall victim to my teeth again. Chomp chomp chomp. Ha!

i went to thanksgiving and all i got was this banquet.

Thanksgiving was a circus like every family function we have. Lots of family members and food. We had brunch at my aunt's house and dinner was in my house. I took care of the turkey. Easy, you say? Why, yes it was. Thanks to Albertson's turkey dinners! Thank goodness for this lovely invention otherwise my contribution to the dinner would have come from McDonald's. Supersized, of course. Surprisingly, there was no karaoke. It could have something to do with the Nintendo wii (some sort of bow and arrow game brought over by my brother), combined with our huge TV. They seemed to be the entertainment of the night. Ah, yes. This year we are thankful for our big ass TV and an interactive video game.


i don't get carded anymore.

It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I use up scraps to make cards. They are quick and easy and they are about the only things I have time for anymore. I'm going to have to get to scrapping one of these days because I am getting withdrawals in a bad way. The scrap area is a HUGE mess and I can't find anything around me anymore. Gotta take care of this soon. Anyone want to help? :)



christmas is just around the corner.

The year has flown by so fast. Thanksgiving this week and before you know it, Christmas is here. How do I slow things down?

Here are peeks to the a new kit for ScrapAddict. I am determined to use up my stash of eyelets and miscellaneous buttons.

ScrapAddict Sleigh Bell SDJ
Cricut Plantin Schoolbook and Christmas Cheer cartridge
Eyelets unknown

ScrapAddict Sleigh Bell SDJ
pink cardstock unknown
ribbon unknown
Stampendous "Happy Holidays" stamp
Hampton Art "Merry Christmas" stamp
Close to My Heart black ink


When Filipinos move to the States, we leave behind a lot of family members. Because our blood relatives are so far away, we make other unrelated Filipino-Americans our "family." I have a lot of aunties and uncles and cousins here in Vegas (all of whom are unrelated to me) and it's no secret that most work in the health care. A lot of them actually work in my hospital. They've watched me grow up and go to school and get a job and get married. Always supportive, always encouraging. When they first heard of my new position, they were tickled pink. Just like my own blood relatives, they are proud as can be of their "niece."

Auntie: I'm so froud ob yooo!

Me: Thank you so much!

Auntie: Don't porget that yooo steel hab to sing karaoke, okay?

Oh, yes. I will never forget that this is how you must live your life, the Filipino way:
1. God
2. Karaoke
3. Family
4. Food

first day on the job.

Today was my first day as a Clinical Manager (had yesterday off for Veterans' Day). One thing I'm sure will happen, I will not have time to eat. So this new job is my new weight loss program. I guess that's better than throwing up after I eat or hoping I get diarrhea from a patient, huh? :) Loads of meetings plus meetings about meetings. Who knew this entailed so much walking? It was very overwhelming but I am quite excited about a new beginning. Tomorrow will be a day of meetings as well, but I will be working on my office, aka a little box with a desk and a computer. That's ok though since I won't be spending a lot of time in there. Still, I want to be able to bring in some scrappy goodness in my little area. Any scrappy office ideas I may borrow?

sha la la la la la la. i'm a soldier of love.

My closest friends don't know this about me. I am ashamed to say that I am a closet Osmond fan. My very first concert as a child was of the Osmond family. In an outdoor stadium, in the Vegas heat, squinting at Donny and Marie. I love them. Listening to them and looking at their wide-toothed smiles makes me very happy. I love Marie on Dancing With the Stars and Donny when he came out with some hits in the late 80's. And when the whole family was on Oprah this week, I once again became a giddy 2nd grader. Oprah had over 150 Osmonds on her stage and I was in heaven. Please, I beg the TV Gods, let there be an Osmond TV show. It would be instant stress relief of secret musical pleasure for me. Yes, I can honestly say "Osmonds" and "orgasms" in the same sentence.

cry me a river.

Do you ever cry to just CRY? It's been a stressful time around here and now that we are getting a handle on our everyday lives. I find myself exhaling. And also crying. I don't really know why. Maybe it all came rushing towards me. Jeff's diabetes diagnosis, my interviews and promotion, the new church. I got sick, too, because of the stress, I think. There have been a lot of changes going on and I just needed to let it out. I feel better now. On with life...and dancing.