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stalker sunday.

Crop1_2  Crop2
Went to my friend, Valerie's house on Sunday for a crop. I have discovered that she and her friend, Jennifer (above), are lurkers to the blog and most importantly, self proclaimed stalkers. Hi, Valerie and Jennifer! Call me! :) Besides being very, very afraid, we were very productive. My previous crop experiences have never been about scapbooking. It's actually just an excuse to get together and laugh, eat, and talk about sex. I did 3 cards and 1 page while at the same time sneaking in some sex talk! :) Yay, me!

Thanks_card  Bday_card_2




After many years of squinting at the television, I have entered into the world of HDTV. We went to Best Buy and purchased ourselves a 60 inch television! It won't be delivered until Tuesday, but we are excited! We had our own TV's before we got married and mine is at least 10 years old. I am looking forward to enhancing our Wii experience and, of course, our Disney and porn movie collection. Don't worry, Ma. The latter will never be playing when you come over. We keep those babies locked in the bedroom.

nekkid and loving it. or am i?

The kids are with the grandparents until Sunday. It's so nice to come home from work and just run around in my underwear. I don't have to censor myself. I can curse as much as I want and I can do this naked. OK, who am I kidding. The dogs really don't have to see that. :P I don't have to worry about if I am raising the children right today. Things like feeding them at least every 8 hours, making sure they don't watch HBO, and ensuring that they don't drink and drive are very hard to do. :)

They go home in about 3 weeks and every year I have mixed emotions about them going home. This time is not so different.  I will cherish some much needed alone time. But I am going to miss the little buggers even though we started off a bit rocky. That adjustment period is always painful for everyone! And like every other time, we get through it and we like each other just a little bit more every day. Just a little bit though. :)

I just pray and trust in God's plan for us. We're family. Even though some of us are a few hundred miles away. Oh, boy. I have a feeling this time's going to hurt. A lot.


celine inspires.

I am not that artistic. Goodness knows I can probably step out of the box a bit more. This  group of pages inspires me to do just that. Gotta love chicks who aren't afraid of color. Love Celline Navarro's work! So artsy and chic.


1. A quoi tu penses / What are you thinking about?, 2. Be an ARTIST, 3. FREE to be ME, 4. hidden, 5. Maxence, 6. Damien, 7. Flora, 8. Karine, 9. Sunshine of my life, 10. What is it to be an Artist?, 11. Last Scrapper Standing1, 12. Freestyle challenge - barbara, 13. lucky me, 14. Last Scrapper Standing round 3, 15. Last Scrapper Standing3,5, 16. Last Scrapper Standing round 4, 17. 3 Things I couldn't live without, 18. GIRLS!, 19. Danielle Thompson, 20. me, 21. Free, 22. MY ART STYLE, 23. LAUGH - for Desiree, 24. TOI ET MOI, 25. Chocolate addict-72DPI, 26. lou-72DPI, 27. you make me fly-72dpi, 28. Adrienne3-72DPI, 29. Adrienne2-72DPI, 30. Adrienne Looman, 31. Organization 101 °°°Scrapologie April kit°°°, 32. Today °°°Scrapologie April kit°°°, 33. Oh so Cute! °°°Scrapologie April kit°°°, 34. UNIQUE °°°Scrapologie April kit°°°, 35. Express Yourself Today, 36. Thomas

my new fave toy.

One thing I cannot stand about scrapbooking is that all the companies seem to be trying to outdo each other in the new product department. How many new products can they really come up with and how many of these things do we scrappers really need? Well, I guess in this household, we NEED them all because I bought this Sizzlit flower strip at Joann's on sale and I love it. The whole flower strip can fit across a 12 inch page. I have been using up all my cardstock scraps and making rows of flowers over and over again. I vow not to buy anything new but here I go succumbing to temptation once again. At least I used a 50% off coupon and I am using up my ever growing collection of scraps.


marie hearts new york.

This is my friend, Marie. She started travel nursing and went to NY for her first assignment. She loves it! I finished this page yesterday using mostly cardstock, paint, and buttons. I finally made a dent in my button stash and I got more use out of my generic flex ruler. I'm not too satisfied with the look of photographed layout when I take the picture myself but this was way too bulky to scan. Maybe I'll try taking a photo of it outside. Any tips on taking photos of layouts?



Bazzill cardstock
red buttons
DMC floss
Pink.Sugar.Pop stamp
Delta Laguna Blue acrylic paint
Making Memories white paint
American Crafts Precision Pen
White Signo Uniball pen
DCWV cardstock
Walmart flower
flexible ruler


got cupcakes?


1. a tray of cupcakes, 2. Dark chocolate cupcake, 3. Marshmallow Flowers, 4. Cupcakes of Love, 5. baby you're a star, 6. Double Hearts, 7. Billy's Bakery Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, 8. Chocolate Chip M&M Cupcakes, 9. Crazy About Chocolate, 10. fleur_2, 11. K's mini cupcake, 12. Pastel Hues, 13. Cupcake, 14. chocolate cupcakes, 15. Sugar Shock, 16. Birthday - Eleyna & Aidan, 17. Sunshine Smiley, 18. cupcakes on pitt, 19. white chocolate & raspberry cupcake, 20. Easter Cupcakes, 21. Samrties Chocolate Cupcakes, 22. Broche Muffin, 23. 21st Birthday cake for my niece!, 24. Pretty In Pink, 25. Hey There Cupcake, 26. Happy Valentine's Day, 27. red whorl, 28. i heart cupcakes, 29. @ Al-Kout, 30. Wedding (Cup)Cake, 31. trader joe's cupcake: vanilla, 32. ice cream?, 33. Cupcakes, 34. red fruits cupcake 1, 35. SWEETIE PIE, 36. sweethearts ..

It's no secret that I love cupcakes, but I am looking for a variation from simple box cupcakes. Do you have a yummy recipe that you would like to share? Any mini cupcake recipes or icing/frosting recipes that are to die for? Where can I get cute liners, not the plain ones from WalMart? I would love your ideas! :)