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wanna go bike riding?

Does anyone know where I might find a bike for myself? We've looked at Target and Costco and have been sorely disappointed with the choices. I need something for short legs, preferrably without any streamers, baskets, or horns. In other words, a kid sized bike that looks sort of adult. I would settle for one PG-13. And also, one that does not hurt my crotch. Any ideas?

help me.

I suppose I should clarify that I really haven't been on the treadmill. Sorry to mislead. :P But I really have been busy. I didn't realize the kids needed so much attention and that they require food at least every 4 hours. Who knew? Abby's chafing problem was starting to get better and then she decided to go swimming and take baths when she was at her grammy's house. Smart on the adult's part, donchathink? In any case, we have to remind her to apply her chafing medicine (aka Desitin) and to take care of Veronica because I will not be the one to do that for her. I still wish I was a bus driver instead of a nurse when other people volunteer their body parts for me to examine. Note to everyone: I do not want to meet your body part. Thank you very much.

Since I work only 3 days, most of my time is spent with the kids. But we have allotted a few hours once a week so that I can get my scrapping assignments done and so that I do not kill them. Today, while the kids and I were watching a movie, I noticed a little hand waving itself in front of my nose. It was Abby allowing me to sample the smell of her Desitin. Isn't she polite to share? I told her that this was not my idea of sharing and to never EVER do that to me or to anyone again. Jeez. I told you she feels way too comfortable with me. Thank goodness I watched her wash her hands before she pulled her sharing skills with me. Abby seems to be always hanging off of me and is just my little shadow. I think she takes me WAY too seriously sometimes and does not get my sense of humor. When she wants to get tucked in (a job her dad usually has), I oblige and tuck her in. I tuck her straight into her blankets, covers, and comforter. Just like a stuffed burrito. Hey, she asked I delivered. Ha! She'll get me soon enough I think. I rarely speak of Jeff, Jr. much but that's probably because he is much more mature, self sufficient, and so very helpful around the house. Plus, he has not asked me to examine any body parts. Today, he watered the plants, took out the garbage, lifted a huge laundry basket for me, changed the bottle water, and reached for things I could not get myself (a huge feat in this house since I can't reach anything!). I never knew child laborers could be so helpful and kind.

Speaking of body parts, hubby had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday so he was a little loopy from the pain and the Lortab. He has some dissolvable stitches but had a little bleeding. No, he did not require a transfusion, just a little TLC and some narcotics. Jeff and I have never tried any illegal drugs or have been drunk so we are the loopiest with the smallest of prescribed medications. Goodness knows this is not necessarily with lack of trying. I am allergic to alcohol and Jeff hates being out of control. Of course, Jeff took the opportunity to speak to the children about drug use and spoke about his experience and what would happen if they were exposed to drugs. Since I want to be a good example for the children, I stated that I, too, have been  a good girl. Except for the occasional crack, of course. Hubby did not like that. Too late, buddy. You married me and this is the stepmom your children are stuck with. So ha!

At least I did some scrapping today. Here is what happens when the kids allowed me some time for myself:



I apologize for being MIA. We are in the middle of a very important life altering experience and I just cannot DEAL. I have not been able to scrapbook, make cards, crafting in general. I have not even shaved my legs, cleaned the house, done the dishes. OK, I don't really shave my legs anyway. Abby, after her first week of  pad-wearing has developed some chafing. She did have a lot of wedgie action going on. And I, as the designated nurse (why couldn't I be a garbage collector ahem rubbish technician?) just happen to have the right parts. That would be female ones, I mean. Please, just shoot me now. I do not want to be the one who gets to look at other people's parts, OK?!!! If you have a finger with a splinter or a pimple that needs to be popped or a diaper with the runniest diarrhea, please feel free to present your child to me. I have seen it all. But please, when your child has chafing in the most private of places, I DO NOT volunteer. I protest this responsibility with every fiber in my body. Jeff wanted to take her to the closest pediatrician so that I wouldn't have to be the one who to take care of business, but, darnitall, I know the doctor and I wouldn't be able to live this down. Cynthia, pediatric nurse, and a charge nurse, at that, cannot handle a little skin irritation. My stepdaughter, who is really very shy around strangers, is very open about EVERYTHING about her life to her father and me. Her flatulence, diarrhea, headaches, and most recently, puberty. I am just not prepared for that. Tonight, we had to lecture a little lady about using a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil) instead of a loofah and soap (Ouch-no wonder she has some chafing), patting dry, and applying a skin protectant using a mirror by herself (I am not doing this every day). I don't think I saw my own va-jayjay until moved out of the house.

Kids just grow up so fast these days. Can't we just play some Chutes & Ladders? :P

stamp happy.

Collander Pink.Sugar.Pop has a new line of Vintage Pop stamps and I am hoarding them all. I have not had the time to play with them yet, but you can see a bunch of new projects with them on the blog.

Kudos to you working moms and stay at home moms who do it all and scrapbook, too. I can't get any scrapping or card making done lately. :P I really need to manage my time better, what with beating the children with a wet noodle and all. :) That takes up a lot of time. Maybe I'll get some scrapping time this weekend when Jeff is home. Or not.  But I can sit here and admire my collection of acrylic stamps in the meantime.

happy philippine independence day.

In honor of Philippine Independence Day, I dug out a very OLD page about my culture. This list is still so very funny because they are all so true. Mabuhay!


• you have a "barrel man" in your house. • you wash your clothes by hand. • you point w/ your lips. • you say open or close the lights. • you nod upwards to greet someone. • you ask for a Colgate instead of toothpaste. • you eat under-developed duck eggs. • you have a Last Supper quilt tacked on your dining wall. • you hang a rosary on the rear view mirror of your car. • you have a Santo Nino shrine in your living room. • you buy the karaoke system first before the stereo and TV. • you have an out of tune piano and nobody in the family ever learned to play. • you know what "chocolate meat" is. • you didn't hear or understand something and your first expression is "HA?" • you're standing next to 8 big boxes at the airport. • your car chirps like a bird when it's in reverse. • you turn around when you hear somebody say "psssst." • you call somebody by saying "psssst." • you smile/grin a lot even for no reason. • you use a Bolo to cut the grass in the yard. • your biggest frying pan is shaped like a wok. • you go to a department store, and try to bargain the price. • you're the plane passenger with the largest hand-carry luggage. • you scratch your head when you don't know what you're doing. • you don't want to eat the last piece of food on the plate, but offer it to others. • you say "she" when you should say "he." • you put your hands together and point them in the direction you are walking to pass between other people. • you say that everybody is your cousin/niece/nephew/aunt/uncle. • you say things sorta backwards like towelpaper instead of papertowel and stick bread instead of breadsticks. • you eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. • you wash and reuse disposable styrofoam cups, plastic forks and spoons, and of course, aluminum foil . • you cover your carpet floors with plastic liners.

puberty strikes.

Abby_2 Abigail has started her period. She is 10 years old. What does that mean for her? For us? She's growing up and she (gulp) may be able to carry a child. I have had palpitations ever since she confided in me about having spots in her underwear. Her father is oiling up his gun for her future suitors. Oh, Jesus help me. What the heck was I supposed to do about that? I gave her the lecture on how to use a pad. I sure as hell was not going to be the one to show her how to use a tampon. That's her husband's job after they get married. Hrmph. Anyway, I taught her to place a pad on her underwear and she has been walking around with the ultimate wedgie for the past couple of days. It feels funny with something there she says. Good. Let's go with that. Nothing else should be around that area for the next 20 years. Got that, little girl? Do your homework, do  your chores, stay away from boys. We will all be very happy.

Imagine my horror when I found a rolled up pad in the dryer today. Ew. I guess stepmpom forgot to show her how to dispose of it. Blech.

tagged by lani.

1. My hair and nails grow freakishly fast.
2. I can eat ice cream with every meal.
3. I'd rather freeze in the wintertime than sweat in the summer.
4. I used sign language as a way to communicate with friends in junior high school. This way, we didn't pass notes.
5. I still dream of my youngest sister as a baby, not as a 22 year old.
6. I was 5'4" throughout high school because of my big hair.
7. I can write with my left hand.
8. I don't know what I would do without scrapbooking.
9. I get my sick sense of humor from my mom.
10. I get on everyday. No, I am not, like, 15 years old.

1. Sing to me.
2. Cook me dinner. If this doesn't happen, know how to order me pizza.
3. Don't whine.
4. Don't say you "can't."
5. Be sincere.
6. Tell the truth.
7. Don't leave puddles in my bathroom.
8. Give me massages. With a happy ending.
9. Gift certificates to my favorite scrapbook store.

1. A smile.
2. My wedding ring.
3. My engagement ring.
4. A bra or else everyone gets hurt.
5. Rice on my shirt. Every Asian should know what I am talking about.
6. Ponytail holder.
7. My glasses.
8. Nipple piercings. I mean, ear piercings.

1. Skinny bitches whose inner thighs don't touch.
2. Paris Hilton aka skinny bitch whose inner thighs don't touch.
3. Touching my face after touching food. Just don't do it.
4. Hair in the sink.
5. Meatloaf. Not the food. Food generally does not annoy me. I mean the singer.
6. Michael Bolton. I'd rather not hear someone go #2 while at the same time pretending to sing. That's something you keep to yourself.
7. When I can't reach the pedals in my car. Ugh.

1. The Philippines
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. Los Angeles
5. Las Vegas
6. Las Vegas. I think I need to get out more.

1. Have a baby in one way or another.
2. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
3. Learn how to ride a bike.
4. Learn how to swim.
5. Visit Europe.

1. Michael Bolton.
2. Dying after my husband. He is not allowed to die before me.
3. Heights. Hence my own short stature.
4. Not being around my family for long periods of time.

1. Shower.
2. Put on deodorant.
3. Forget to put on underwear. Think about other people and then put on a pair anyway.

1. Juggling life.
2. Finding a balance.

1. My attitude.  But then again, I wouldn't be me. So ha! You're stuck with me.