cynthia needs...

we're back.

We've been back since Sunday night but now I am SICK! Ugh. I went to the allergist and my reactive airway disease is acting up again. I wake myself up wheezing and now my inhaler is getting more oral action than my husband. It's probably the painting that we did before the trip and now I am paying the price.

San Diego was actually good for my lungs. It didn't rain but the weather was like getting a breathing treatment. Cool, moist air. Oh, how I miss it already. Now the Vegas wind is kicking my ass and I am resting at home, taking a pharmacy of drugs: inhalers, antibiotics, allergy meds, Robitussin. In other words, I am perpetually wheezy and because of the Robitussin, drunk. My health does not faze my husband's libido in the least since he's been trying to jump my bones since my period has stopped. I guess he thinks that my heavy breathing is a come-on.