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don't be afraid.

I've always wanted a painted bedroom, but I am one of those who is afraid of touching the wall. I hate putting nails up for frames and painting is another thing that gives me palpitations. In my decorating roll, I finally got over my fear and we decided to paint ONE wall in the bedroom. I'm a big fan of all colors, but I do enjoy red, hooker red, in fact. Yes, I have a mini Christmas tree in the bedroom. Can you guess which side is mine? Could the scrapping mags be a giveaway? The sex toys? Don't be appalled. I hid those before I took the photo. Ha!

Last night, my sister came over again to help with the painting. Turns out that we need more than 1 quart to paint. In reality, we need more than 2 quarts. As we figured out later. In any case, here are some in-progress photos. My room is not really this pink. That's the primer coat before the red came on. Although I did enjoy that pink color with my brown comforter cover. Husband, however, does not enjoy it that much.
Img_0395_2 Img_0397
In reality, we really need another 2 coats to get it right. But I guess that's another day. I work the next 3 nights and then we are off to San Diego. We'll probably finish it up this next coming week. Will keep you updated!

playing catch up.

Long time no blog. Jeff and I have been busily redecorating and rearranging the house. Er, I point and then he moves the furniture. I've been cooking up a storm lately, too. We have rarely eaten out in a month and we are making most our meals. I also make my lunches for work. Other meals are spent at our parents' homes and there we eat for free. This is quite a change for us but it's getting easier to live this way. Who knew I could be so darn domestic and cheap? Well, we knew about the cheap part, but I have just gotten better at it. Ha! Speaking of cheap, I have even gone to my local scrapbook store and walked away empty handed. 2 months ago, I would have left with $200 worth of supplies that I would have just stuffed in the studio and promptly forgotten because of the ever-piling mess that has already accumulated through my spending sprees. That leads me to the studio. My sister and I finished organizing the studio and one can actually see the floor and some of the work space. A true miracle. I have been working on giving each product a home and there it will stay after each project.

We are looking forward to our weekend in San Diego. Thanks for all the tips on the must-sees of the city. We'll try to check them out. Not so much the beaches since you have to remember that my white boy fears the sun. His skin does anyway. He's not your garden variety white boy. His red hair and fair skin makes him a little different. He is the other white meat.

This made me laugh today. I thought I would share.

san diego bound.

Sandiego We will be in San Diego in a couple of weeks and wanted your advice as to the must-sees of the city. We went a few years ago and went to San Diego Zoo (we learned  about how monkeys fornicate right in front of our eyes-only us), SeaWorld, and Balboa Park. Any other ideas? Thanks so much!

sushi love.

Finished these for for an upcoming May kit. I love the colors of this paper! The clipboard is a mini 6x9 inch Sanders clipboard that I got from my local scrapbook store for $0.99.  Perfect for a wallet sized photo, especially one showing my humongous forehead.



will i ever be organized?

My scrap area is a mess and my sister can't stand it anymore. She came over today to help me make a dent in my studio. I am emotionally attached to so many *things* that it is stifling me. I can't breathe in here anymore and I need to declutter and simplify my space. She is brutal when it comes to making me throw way, shred, give away, put away my shit. So far I have thrown away 2 big bags of trash, gave her some supplies for her classroom, and can see half of my floor. She has promised to come back tomorrow for more torture. No scrapbooking until it's all cleared out, says the drill sergeant! :)

Glad I got these finished before she set the rules! I finally decided to cover up these Fira shelves from IKEA. I have 6 of them (9 drawers each)and decided to use up my scraps. All I have to do now is figure out what I want to put in them and then label them. If you have an IKEA near you, snap these up. They are so cute!



lovely weekend.

We had the loveliest time this weekend. My cousin's baby shower was a success. She had tons of presents and guests. Everything was snips and snails and puppy dog tails and the games and the giveaways were hilarious courtesy of my sister, Gracie. I had to feed my husband some baby food for one of the games and he spit all over my face, just like a baby. I guess he didn't like what I was feeding him. :P


Prizes Missy

Easter Sunday was lovely as well. We went to church with the family and the church was packed with the 2-time church-going Catholics. You know the ones. Those who go to church on Easter and Christmas. I guess they figure Jesus is watching on those very special days. Ha. We had a brunch at my in-laws' house. Yummy food and company.

We also had dinner with my family for my dad's birthday. We went to a casino of all places for a buffet. $100 for 9 people. Score! And because Jeff and I signed up for their Rewards program. We both had $3 of free money to play with. At the end of the night, us 2-time-a-year gamblers walked out of there $45 richer. Go budget!

Only in Vegas do we go to a casino and win big bucks on Easter weekend. Going to church DOES help.