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more flickr favorites.

Found more of this eye candy on Love all this eye candy!


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crafty inspiration.

Found these on!


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cutting way back.


My husband tells me that I've spent $900 in the past 3 months just in scrapbooking supplies alone. Yikes. It's a wake-up call for the shopaholic in me. And it has been a few weeks since I've gone supply hoarding. So far so good. I've never really paid that much attention because I've always had my own checking account. I only took care of my bills and no one to answer to. I just flit here and there waving my wand and buying things on a whim. It adds up. Jeff doesn't really look at what I buy and doesn't really know how much scrapbooking goodies really cost.  Now that all of our income is put together, I get a reality check. Good and bad for me, but I am dealing with it. All of my pages have been made with what I have in the studio and I have way more to spare. I need to get more use out of the things I already have. I have not used the CraftRobo in so long and it's only because it's such a pain to get the carrier sheet out and align it and get it to cut out exactly what I want. Yes, I am anal. But only when it comes to scrapbooking. Not the bedroom. Sorry, dear husband. So I digress. I have to take out all these things stored in cupboards , drawers, and shelves and actually use them! Gotta stop collecting and start using. It's not that I don't scrapbook. I do. I have to. But I buy nonstop and I don't even make a dent with what I have.

I have to thank all of you all for all your tips about budgeting. They definitely help! We have not eaten out in a LONG time! We've pretty much eaten what we have at home and I have been cooking more often! For us, this is a miracle. Whodathunkit? :)

My friend, Jo, is doing a budget challenge for herself. Spend less, make more. I'll have to join her on this one. Jeff and I want to go to San Diego next month and if I keep going like I've been, we'll be able to actually eat on the trip. Wish us luck!



Hello, my blogging friends. I'm sitting here, on my period, watching The View and vegetating. I'm debating whether to go out and do errands but it's windy and my allergies are on the rampage today. I am thinking them away a la The Secret. So here I sit site-hopping on the internet. I am now officially obsessed with MySpace and I am finding friends from high school and other scrappers alike. I am catching up on the lives of other bloggers and looking at beautiful photography on flickr. Maybe I will get off the couch and get some work done. But hey, I figure I am due for some couch potato-ing (yes, I've made that a word). Yesterday, I've tackled the treadmill and did some scrapping, too. Finished some projects for ScrapAddict and Stemma. I've decided that before I give myself the gift of scrapbooking, I would get on the treadmill, as a sort of weird incentive to myself. Last week I exercised 4 times and 2 of those times were before I sat down on my desk. I figured that this might work for me. There's nothing more that I love to do than scrapbooking and maybe this will get my ass up off this couch. Except today, of course. :)

birthday girls.

Today, we are celebrating the March birthday girls: my mother-in-law and my 2 nieces. Going over to the parents-in-law's house to eat, drink, and be merry. It doesn't hurt that it's free! :) Go, budget!
Made these 4x4 clipboards for our nieces. Lots of scraps and other odds and ends.

i am high. i think.

We went to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night. The music was great, the crowd enthusiastic,and the air, well, it was thick with the smell of something I had never sniffed before. As a self-professed nerd, I've never been around anyone who has ever done pot and I guess now that I have been schooled well with the scent, I can say that I am now a pro. Thank goodness no one is doing any drug testing on my hair because the results would probably not be good.

cutting back.

In an effort to save some money and partly because my husband has finally figured out how much scrapbooking supplies REALLY cost, we have been trying to eat more at home and generally just cut back on our spending. While this may be easy for some people, it's not so easy for this married couple whose idea of eating in is choosing what pizza place to order from. Sure we try to cook, ok, I try to cook, because hubby just doesn't mix with kitchen utensils. I get bored from trying to decide on the menu. All the time. I'd rather clean the toilet or do rectal temps on 60-year old men with penile pumps. Frankly, I'd rather scrapbook.

In any case, we are doing this because we NEED to cut back. The kids will be here in about 70 days and will be with us for almost 3 months. We want to be able to do things with them that might cost a little more than we are used to. Do we really need to eat out every weekend? No.  Do I really need to get $60 haircuts? No. Do I really need the latest scrapbooking supply? Yes. Ok, fine. I don't really NEED these things, but I WANT them real bad!

Any ideas on some practical and easy ways to save some fundage?

myspace fiend.

I've been a busy gal lately with life. Three nights of work, meeting new friends, lunch with friends, having guests over, making invitations with my family, enjoying time off since the kids were here.  But yet I still find time for MySpace! I am officially obsessed with MySpace and finding old friends! Yes, I thought it was only for pedophiles. Yes, I thought that you had to be 12 years old. But now that I've discovered the search feature, I am finding friends that I have not seen in years. I do value my privacy so my page is set as private. Do you have a Myspace page and are you as obsessed as I am?