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no clue, no cares, no underwear.

112806_britneyfullonI didn't think I'd be posting twice today especially since I am really pressed for time. But I thought something of this importance needs to be said. Please, please, please, Britney. Put on some underpants. I know your friends think they are cute and that everyone is going commando, but we gotta rethink this whole thing. I am not a gynecologist so I don't need to see the goods so much. I beg you. Keep the Cesarean scar a secret.

P.S. These photos were snagged from this blog.


Jeff and I have been busy getting this house together for the holidays. The tree is up and the rest of the decorations are coming along. I attempted to make Christmas cards, now let's see if they will be sent out. :) Most of the RAKs have been sent off to unsuspecting victims. (Hi, Tiffany! Hope you enjoyed the box o' crap!) The kids' rooms are coming along nicely. Since we have upgraded to a King Size Bed, we have moved it to Jeff Jr.'s room and have been busy decorating their areas for their arrival in a couple of weeks. Work is busy as heck. I have been sitting in on panel interviews for our new unit manager so I've been at the hospital more times than I care to this past month. Hopefully, we find the right candidate and we can get our Pediatric Unit off to the right track. We've also started the process of getting a patio. We feel as though we may be able to pass as adults and can now go from rock, soil, and dirt to cement and pavers. We have a party of some sort every weekend from now on to attend so it's been a tad busy. Hope to update more often once we take a breath.

shut up & sing.


Saw the Dixie Chicks with Jeff Saturday night and they were absolutely fantastic! I was a HUGE fan of their music from the very beginning and I am an even bigger one now. I did, however, have a little glitch in the whole concert experience. I guess walking in with a big ass honking camera with an even bigger zoom lens was a no-no. We had to check in the camera because it was not allowed and I almost didn't enter the concert because I had to leave it behind with Security. In the end, seeing the Chicks was more important than the Rebel XT. So, no good photos of the concert itself. That's ok though. Our cheap tickets were upgraded to better seats due to the fact that it was not a sold-out event. Your loss, our gain. If they ever come to Vegas again, I'll be there!

P.S. I'll be watching the movie, too!

dog's eye view.

ViewBeen reorganizing the scrap space and gave away so much stuff for RAKs, my stepdaughter's school, and friends. The poor dogs have constantly been stepped on and tripped over because they want to be exactly where the action is. Sigh. Sometimes, the process of purging and organizing can be overwhelming but I stayed up till 3 am to make a dent in the stash. One day, I will finish this room!

christmas cards.

Finished these today. There's something quite calming and cathartic about making things one by one in an assembly line. It helps a lot when you feel a little melancholy. I've never sent cards out before. Maybe I will this year.

Xmascards001 Xmascards002_1


I used DCWV blank cards, Cricut Christmas Cheer trees, spare buttons.