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see ya.

Jeff, the kids, and I are headed to Knott's Berry Farm today so I will be MIA for a couple of days. We'll make sure to check out the jelly and the fried chicken as you all suggested. Wish us luck and good weather! Until then:


To all the peeps who posted, MWAH! Love that you told me about yourselves!  So much fun to get to know the people who are blog-shy and lurk. I am actually a lurker myself so I understand. But please, don't be strangers. Come out of the woodwork once in a while. It makes me happy to see the regulars post, but it's so exciting to see new ones!

In other good news, I am off for eleven days! This hardly ever happens. The hubby and the stepkids and I are off to Knott's Berry Farm this week. Don't know much about the place, except there are rides and there is jelly involved. I don't know whether to be excited or horrified at the prospect.

come out come out whereever you are.


See this map? It's a fun way to show how many hits this blog has been getting. There are visitors from all over the world and we are all brought together by this crazy thing called scrapbooking! If you've clicked onto this blog, you are a red dot that I want to know more about. I would love to know your name, your occupation, how long you've been scrapping, what you're inspired by.  I share so much of me. This time I  would love for you to tell me something about you, your quirks, your life! Come on out, you lurkers!

father's day barbecue recap.

We had planned a barbecue for Father's Day, a small gathering of close family members, maybe just our parents. We have about 300 people on both sides. So we decided to invite immediate family members as a compromise.  Jeff has 3 brothers and I have 4 brothers/sisters who all have significant others/children. And once we invite one, we can't miss the others.  That would just be rude and cause too many hard feelings. So our small get-together of 6 turned out to be a party of about 30. The brown people mixing with the white people.

The menu consisted of burgers and hotdogs and chips and soda. Maybe a little fun with the chocolate fountain. Enter my parents. One minute I was helping Jeff outside with the burgers, the next minute, my parents arrive and the kitchen island is filled with the foods of the Philippines: pansit, lumpia, barbecue skewers, banana lumpia, shrimp, vegetables, shrimp with their heads still attached, fried pork (lechon), rice, and different desserts. Surprise! The casual barbecue turned into a feast for the masses. Insanity. My parents were having a party, it just happened to be at our house. It's a good thing my husband likes Filipino food. Because he will be seeing it. A lot.

Yesterday, the girls got together and deemed it "use your scraps" day. We put our scraps together in the middle of the table and made some cards. You'd think that this little tidbit was unrelated to the barbecue story, but you'd be wrong. The girls partook of the night before's leftovers. Ha!  That's what you get for being my friend. The force feeding of Filipino food for sport. Good times.