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I completely missed The Apprentice because I was glued to The Bachelor (poor Moana!).  Can someone send me a copy?  Please?  Pretty please?  Pretty please with chocolate covered strawberries on top?  I will send you a package of sbing goodies! :)

with this food, i thee wed.

First of all, I am not a cook so this meal is gourmet for us.  But tonight, the meal consisted of ground beef, potatoes, and green peppers.  It wasn't Filipino food but it was tasty and hit the spot.  Sure beats takeout.  For dessert, we had chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!  This just shows how much we have upheld one of our wedding vows: Thou shalt love your spouse for their lack of cooking skills and will pretend not to gag from her feeble attempts at preparing poultry or anything that resembles something usually edible.
Dinner Berries

hunka hunka burnin love.

BarbequeHad a barbeque with my family tonight.  The fourth in the line of weekly barbeques, we've haphazardly been putting together.  And the hubby is in heaven with the new charcoal Weber grill.  He's quite the natural, too.  Gotta love a man who can cook a mean cow carcass for his woman.  And her hungry brown family, too.

burned out.

I am exhausted from my 3 day stretch at work.  I am seriously thinking about demoting myself from my charge position.  I was much happier as a staff nurse when all I worried about was my 4-6 patients.  When you are in charge, you are ultimately responsible for the whole floor.  In my case, 29 kids plus the occasional 5 patients in overflow.  I have to deal with so many personalities including the nursing staff and the different departments in the hospital.  For once, I want someone to call my by name and not have a problem attached to it.  Cynthia, this parent is threatening one of your nurses.  Cynthia, this patient has to be strapped down.  Cynthia, can you help me with this IV start?  Cynthia, this patient is crumping right before my eyes, can you fix him?  Cynthia, this patient has not received a respiratory treatment in 12 hours, could you scream at the respiratory therapist for me and while you're at it, write him up?  Cynthia, the phlebotomist cannot draw these labs, can you do it? Cynthia, would you mind if I stepped all over you?  Cynthia, can you wipe my ass and while you are down there, kiss it?   Can't anyone solve their problems on their own anymore?  I would love for others to come to me saying other lovely things.  Cynthia, don't you look nice in your Lion King scrubs today.  Cynthia, your teeth are so white, they look like they have been brushed today.  Cynthia, I will call the appropriate department myself, I will start all my IVs, I will hang all my meds, I will take care of everything. Ah, to dream.  Alas, the control freak in me would probably be miserable if I became a staff nurse now.  I've been in charge for 7 years and for someone else to tell me how to run the unit would probably drive me insane.  Oh well, this too shall pass, when the floor is not so busy and the patient turnover is not so crazy.  The winter will end and we will eventually slow down.  Until then, I guess I will grin and blog it.


doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me.

There's nothing like a day with Physical Therapy to make you feel young and sprightly.  Each session is teeming with people who need physical rehab (yours truly included).  I just happen to be the youngest one there.  It's nice and cozy and friendly and no one has any privacy.  Today, I learned a new exercise.  You lay on your belly and rest on your elbows.  Sounds easy doesn't it?  Until it gets obscene.  They call the exercises planks.  You raise your ass in the air and wave them like you just don't care.  OK, no real waving involved but that's because today, my face was pointed to the middle of the room and my rear faced the window.  Much to the relief of the geriatric population at PT. In any case, you raise your torso off the bench, while your elbows and knees take most of your weight and hold it for 5 seconds. Not a pretty sight.  Then I get to do other exercises where I lay on my back and raise my hips off the floor.  Many times.  I have to do butt points followed by pelvic thrusts.  I didn't realize I signed up for Kama Sutra classes. 

ra ra ra.

Had lunch today with some friends.  Mary came into town from Idaho so we decided to (what else?) EAT!  Went to this super cool Sushi place called Ra.  Loved the food and the company!  Yes, I am still quite Brush happy!

Vaginal_loveAnd only Cynthia's friends would mistake this book's title for something dirty. Ha!  My kind of friend!

three stooges.

Went to dinner and played catch up with some old friends tonight.  So good to have a girls' night out without the guys!  We can talk about everything including sex and food and life and more sex!  :)


In other news, Ozzie is doing well!  It's us who are wrecks giving us a scare like that.  In any case, no more treats for a long time from the groomers unless they are mom approved.

valentine's day rescheduled.

Oz2_1Well, my dog, Ozzie, has officially become his human mommy's child.  He managed to inhale a treat, a huge dog bone given by the groomer's yesterday.  Jeff had picked him up and he basically stopped breathing when he gobbled it up whole.   After being placed on oxygen and a quick x-ray at the vet's, they found a whole dog treat in the pharynx basically blocking his trachea.  They sedated the poor baby and had to go down and get it.  He is ok now, just a little dazed from the anesthesia and hungry from being forbidden to eat overnight because of the irritation.  He is now on some antibiotics and some meds to coat his throat and esophagus.  I'm glad it wasn't me having to deal with this emergency because I probably would not have handled it well.  I do deal with emergencies for children in the hospital, but they are not mine and I'm not as attached.  My objectivity would have flown out the window.  Jeff drove over islands in the street and ran like a maniac in order to get him to the closest vet's office.  We watched him closely overnight.  He was so out of it, he peed a couple of times in the house, which he never does.  It was a scary incident and we almost lost him. Needless to say, our Valentine's Day celebration was postponed for more important things.

let's get physical.

Remind me that I really should have learned my lesson from the gynecologist, the spine specialist, and now the physical therapist.  I should shave myself more than twice during winter time.  Let's face it.  Leg shaving is a rare occasion in this household during the winter time.  And it usually means I am getting some sort of action from my husband when it occurs.  Since when do you have to get your legs felt up when doing physical therapy?  I suppose he should do a neurological assessment of me.  Someone should have put up a memo.  A memo that also states thou shalt not wear holey underwear because the physical therapist also looks at the lower spine aka top of my ass aka the band of the undies aka tag that says size WHALE.  Embarassment and humiliation ensues during my first session of physical therapy.  At least, I managed to grow an extra inch or two when they stretched me out on the pelvic traction machine.

My_loveI managed to get this done for my brother.  I feel like with all the things I have made for his girlfriend, I may actually be the one dating her.  Sorry no scan.  It took me forever to get the little photo anchors in place and I will not try that again!