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can you help?

I am asking for your help.  Aimee has been hit hard with hurricane Katrina and although she, her husband, and her furbabies are safe, it is unknown that the rest of her family is the same. She is very much alive but not well. Besides her scrapbooks and albums he has lost everything.  Both her house and the house she is building are gone. Her town has been destroyed.  Although everything she owned is just "stuff", it is the "stuff" we take for granted and now she has NOTHING.  I cannot even imagine!  I  ask that you keep Aimee and her family in your prayers and hope that she has the strength and the faith to get through this devastation.  Kenny and I will be organizing OPERATION: RESTOCK AIMEE and hope that you will contribute with your generosity in any way you can.   If you want to donate anything (and we mean anything!) to Aimee's family, please email me or Kenny.  We will keep you updated on Aimee's progress as time goes on and will direct you to where you might send your donation.  I still cannot fathom what she is going through right now.  I appreciate everything that you are able to do for her.  I'm sure she will, too.

Edited: Thanks to everyone for their offer to help our Aimee.  Your generosity is astounding!   Right now I have no idea how to get a hold of her.  I hope that she is well and knows that we are thinking of her.   I've emailed her but I have no idea if she even has access to the internet and really, email is probably the last thing I would be thinking about during this time.  I will continue to try and get a hold of her as best as I can and keep everyone up to date as time goes on.  Thanks, everyone!

Edited 9/7/05:  We got a hold of Aimee!  In lieu of physical goods, Kenny and I thought it would be better if we sent her gift cards instead like to WalMart.  This way she can take care of groceries and basics.  Please see Kenny's blog for his email address since he has Aimee's present physical address (she is staying at a friend's home).  We thank you for the overwhelming response and your outpouring of kindness!  You rawk! :)

5 random things about me.

I was tagged by Jocelyn so I guess I'm it!

5 random things about me:

  1. My  left boob is smaller than the right.
  2.   I can eat pork brain, cow tongue, and  chicken gizzards but God help the poor waiter who brings my entree out with onions.  Ew!
  3. My real first name is Cynthia Margarita.  Don't ask. 
  4. One of my fears is that I will be in a public restroom and run out of toilet paper.  I don't ever want to drip dry.
  5. My best beauty tip: Magic Shaving Powder.  Hint: it's not for your legs and it's not a tip you want to share with your mother.

Now, I tag Giuseppina!


I accomplished a lot today.  I:

  • waited for the cable people for my sister at my old/her new condo.  I waited 4 hours.  Hate the cable company.
  • called the power company to have the power switched to our names.
  • called the gas company to have the gas switched to our names.
  • called the water company to have the water switched to our names.
  • called the phone company to change some features on my service.  I don't need all the bells and whistles.  Who calls me anyway?
  • put some boxes away.
  • put some paper blinds on the windows so that the neighbors don't get an eyeful of naked Cynthia flippin and floppin up and down the stairs.
  • washed some clothes with my new washer/dryer.  Love this new toy!
  • cooked some chicken on my new stove.  I even managed not to kill dear husband.

Most importantly I:

  • called the fertility clinic to schedule my hubby's "appointment" so that he can provide a specimen.  Wink wink.  They told me that he must ejaculate today or tomorrow so that he can provide a fresh specimen on Tuesday.  Fun all around.  I forgot to ask what happens if he ejaculates today AND tomorrow instead of today OR tomorrow?  I also verified if I am really allowed to aid him in his task.  Men have it so easy.  I've been molested by the vagina whisperer so much in the past few months, it's a crime.  The husband gets help from me even though they state that they have mags and videos for his viewing pleasure.  Oh sure.  All the fun stuff is for him.  I guess they won't have any scrapping idea books for me.  That's what gets me off.


I feel incomplete.  I hate seeing my home in disorder.  I need to get organized!  So many things are still in boxes and it is a pain in the ass to lug everything up the stairs.  I think this whole move wouldn't be so bad if my scrap space was put together and my supplies were in one room.  They are all in the garage softly calling to me.  I am itching to start scrapping again.  I long to feel whole again.  And whole means scrapping every day.   But I don't even have a table yet.  Jeff is planning a whole new space for me and I can't wait.  The room will be quite simple.  Lots of shelves.  No cabinets.  But I don't really care at this point.  One thing I'm learning about this whole move is that I am quite impatient.  I never really knew that about myself.  I want to do this NOW!  I wanted to paint, too,  but I hate to commit to one color.  I should just paint and just get it over with, ya think?  I love red but do I want to feel like I'm scrapping in a brothel all day long?  I thought about pink.  Will it remind me of Pepto Bismol?  I'm not really feeling blue.  I don't want to be calm in my scrap space.  I want to feel inspired!  Any suggestions?

love letter.

Dear Home Depot,

Who in the frick do I have to sleep with to get the right appliances from you?   I beg you.  I cannot live without a microwave anymore.  I don't know how to use an electric oven let alone a double electric oven.  I fear that I will burn the house down.  Please, Home Depot!  I just want to stop eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!  I want to nuke something for 2 minutes.  I want to eat tv dinners.  I want to heat up leftovers from the restaurants I've been frequenting for that very reason.  Why didn't you tell me that the 30 inch microwave we bought wouldn't fit  in the 36 inch slot?  By not delivering the right microwave, you're slowly killing my faith in mankind.  Please help me restore it. 

I'll be your best friend.  I'll love you forever.  Pretty please with cherry on top.

Love always, Cynthia

don't throw a search party.

I am here.  We are finally moved and it was grueling and annoying.  We moved on Saturday.  3 burly men and little ol' me.  You'd think I'd plan ahead and keep a couple pairs of underwear with me.  At least some bras so that the twins aren't swinging to and fro like Tarzan in the jungle.  Note to self:  It's better to keep a couple pairs on my person than to go commando for 4 days.  Alas, I found some granny unmentionables in a stray box.  I got most of the kitchen put away.  We still have no furniture but we've been looking every night for some that is to both our liking.  This is something I can't get used to as a married woman.  We have to "compromise."  I don't like it.  I like things bold, bright, and warm.  My hubby likes things black, gray, and hardware-like.  Where's the compromise there?  We'll see...

You know, it's really sad that this move was so annoying because of all the boxes I had labeled "scraproom."  One doesn't realize how much one has until ya gotta lug them all to a new place.  Even after purging and giving things away.  What a pain.  It's gonna be a bigger pain having to unpack everything.  I'm going to have to enlist some friends with this daunting task. 

I like the new place.  It is beautiful.  You almost don't want to touch the walls or use the toilet cuz it looks so perfect.  What I don't like is that I went from a 1200 square foot condo to a 2500 square house.  I hate that in order for me to pee in the middle of the night, I have to travel clear across the other side of the house to the master bath.  I am not used to so much space.  It's eerie and strange.  My hubby feels right at home.  The dogs and I are lost.  The poor things are just dazed and confused.  I called them upstairs today and they couldn't find me.  I guess it takes some getting used to.  My heart is still in my old condo.  The good thing is that my sister lives in it now and I can visit anytime!

I finally got internet access today after dealing with my internet provider for 4 days.  After days of phone calls, they finally figured out the problem.  They couldn't find any record of my cable modem box and so could not turn on that service until today.  My cell phone is acting goofy and my home phone is still hooked up to the condo.  That means I get phone calls for people to be let inside the gate.  I guess it takes time to get used to everything.  I got also got tons of emails to catch up with so thanks for the patience. 

we are funded.

Oh, holy hell.  It's been quite a week.  It seems that every day, there is something wrong or missing or unclear about paper work with this whole loan thing.  How many times can I provide someone with my pay stubs?  What do you mean you don't believe we're married?  These gray hairs should be proof enough.  Excuse me?  You don't have proof that I gave you $38,000 for a down payment?  Are you shitting me?  It's no wonder I forgot to come to work the other day.  I'm stressed out.  I want to drown in chocolate and ice cream right now.  Chocolate always makes everything better.

It is 4:22 pm Vegas time and we are officially funded.  After providing and reproviding these people with the proof they need that we are indeed who we say we are and what we are and what color our urine is when we pee, it is final.  We are officially the proud owner of 2,500 square foot slab of drywall and stucco and we can now have the key.  Wahoo.


Things I own:

  • a big house
  • a car
  • a refrigerator
  • a dining table with 4 chairs
  • a queen sized bed
  • a karaoke machine/stereo system
  • 3 tv's

Things I don't:

  • a sofa
  • any furniture
  • a microwave
  • a washer/dryer
  • a life

Yes, we have a big house.  But now we cannot afford food or furniture.  The good news is that the karaoke machine and stereo system makes up for all the things we are lacking.  It's official.  I really am Filipino.